Types of Laptop Bags You Need To Know About

Whether you are a student or a working woman, you would need to carry your laptop and other essential devices to your place. You cannot carry them in your hand; it is necessary to provide them with proper care and correct storage space. That’s when the need for women’s backpack laptops arises. There are plenty of options for carrying your laptop, you can use a laptop bag or sleeve, but the most comfortable option is to carry a backpack.

Attached with straps, a laptop backpack can hold your laptop without burdening your back. It is not compulsory to use a women’s backpack laptop bag; you can choose a laptop carrier according to your needs. Protecting your laptop should be your priority, so you must select an option that can best protect your electronic devices.

From different styles to various carrying options, everybody has specific tastes and preferences. If you are also looking for the right laptop bag, this article might help you.

Here are different types of laptop bags along with their benefits for you to make a well-informed decision.


Carried on the back with the help of two straps over the shoulder, a backpack is the most common type of bag to carry your laptop. There are plenty of backpack types that are meant for different purposes, here we will talk about laptop backpacks. These are specific backpacks that are ideally meant for carrying laptops and other essential devices and gadgets. The design and formation of this bag are quite different from the others. It will have a separate padded compartment to keep the laptop.

A laptop backpack is the easiest way to carry your laptop. These backpacks are generally smaller in size as they are mainly meant for laptops and gadgets. But you can choose your preferred size accordingly.


  • Laptop backpacks come with a padded compartment to keep your laptop in the right position.
  • These backpacks have padded straps to provide you with the required comfort.
  • Laptop backpacks can evenly spread the weight on your shoulder, lessening the burden.
  • Not only the laptop compartment but there are also plenty of other compartments as well that provide space for other gadgets.
  • Laptop backpacks work for all who have a laptop.


A brand-new trend that everyone is following is keeping the laptop in a sleeve bag. It is elegant, sophisticated, and serves the purpose well. The idea of sleeve bags came from the slimmer and thinner built of laptops these days. People find it easier to carry a laptop in sleeve bags as they are much smaller than a laptop bag and comfortable to carry. There are no straps and belts attached to a sleeve; you need to hold it with your hands. Sleeves also give out a professional vibe while carrying it.

The sleeve bag only has one compartment with a zipper to carry a laptop. Unlike backpacks, a sleeve can only be used for carrying laptops. When you buy a sleeve, you cannot keep other essential things in it. So, it would be better if you bring another bag as well for your essentials along with a sleeve. These sleeve bags are made with rubber material and come with inner padding to comfort the laptop. It is more handy and comfortable for slimmer and thinner laptops.


  • Sleeve bags are handier compared to other laptop bags.
  • These are made in different colors and patterns to make them attractive.
  • Sleeve bags are lighter to carry.
  • These are not heavy on the pocket and come at an affordable price range.

Messenger Bag

This type of bag has gone through plenty of transformations since its existence. Earlier, it was used to transport mail and goods through messengers. Now, it has become a mainstream style bag that you can carry anywhere. These are side bags with one strap over the shoulder. It is generally hung on the shoulders, and due to its traditional build, it never goes out of the trend. Due to its classy and sophisticated look, messenger bags are widely used by business professionals.

A messenger bag comes with a zipper compartment along with 3 to 4 additional compartments. You can keep the laptop in the zipper compartment and use the other sections for other essentials, like mobiles, documents, water bottles, etc. The messenger bag’s straps are detachable, so you can easily detach or attach them according to your preference. If you use skeletally messenger bags, you will get two handlebars to carry it without straps.


  • A messenger bag can provide you with plenty of compartments to store things along with your laptop.
  • Messenger bags also have detachable straps, so you can use them as briefcase bags or shoulder bags.
  • Giving a classy look, business professionals can easily carry messenger bags.
  • Those who are looking to make a new style statement can use messenger bags.
  • Messenger bags can provide your laptop with additional support and protection.
  • It comes in a variety of styles, designs, and patterns according to your preference.

Sling Bag

It is almost like a backpack but with one strap instead of two to support the bag. Just like the name suggests, a sling backpack can be slung onto your shoulders and crosses through your chest. The straps will hold the bag from either side. There are different sizes of sling bags available in the market. You need to choose one according to your preference and purpose. It also has several pockets and compartments like a backpack, so you can store your laptop and other essential items.

The main compartment in the sling bag is secured with a zipper, which is ideally used for keeping laptops and other electronic devices. From mobile, water bottles to laptop accessories, you can keep anything and everything in your sling bag. It also lessens the burden on your shoulder as the strap is crossed across your chest. You must also ascertain the capacity of sling bags before purchasing them to understand how much weight they can tolerate.


  • Sling bags are best known for reducing the pressure and weight as the strap goes over the chest keeping the burden minimal.
  • If you carry a sling bag, you can also enjoy hands-free walking everywhere.
  • It comes with multiple compartments and pockets so that you can carry things apart from the laptop.
  • Generally, people prefer small size sling bags due to their convenient and comfortable BUILT.
  • Sling bags are also available in different patterns and styles; you can carry your style with a sling bag.

Tote Bag

Women generally use tote bags that carry laptops. Laptop tote bags are wide and have ample room to keep your laptop. It has become a trend to carry a tote among girls due to its sleek yet casual look. Tote bags are made with different types of fabrics. You can see leather, cotton, polyester, and several other materials used in making tote bags. It comes with two straps that help in carrying the bag on the shoulder.

Tote bags are a wide and longer version of handbags. It is essential to find the right-sized tote bags to keep your belongings properly. You must also choose material smartly. For instance, leather tote bags are known for their extended durability, and they also give a smarter and more professional look.

Tote bags only have one big compartment where you need to fit in everything which often becomes the major disadvantage of tote bags. So, you need to be efficient with your storage space and arrange things smartly. It has a laptop compartment that is roomy enough to keep the laptop. You can also put in the laptop accessories. Tote bags are generally preferred to create a style statement, and women widely prefer them. You can also carry books, documents, water bottles, mobile, etc. in your tote bag. If you want to give yourself a smarter yet cool look, carrying a tote bag can provide you justice.


  • Tote bags come with two straps to carry them on one shoulder.
  • These bags are trendier and classier due to their manufacture.
  • Tote bags can also give a professional look.
  • If you have a smaller and lightweight laptop, tote bags can be the best option.
  • Tote bags are available in different sizes and styles according to your preference.

The Bottom Line

From a college/school student to a corporate woman, everyone has a laptop that helps in the work. People need to carry their laptops everywhere. Hence, its complete protection becomes the need of the hour. No one can carry the essentials in hand. It is crucial to prioritize the need for women backpack laptop bags. Different types of laptop bags and women’s bags come in handy in different situations and serve varied purposes. It depends on you to make a smart choice according to your style, preference, and purpose.

The above mentioned were some of the ideal types of laptop bags, along with their significant takeaways. Go through the list again and make a well-informed decision regarding storing your laptop.

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