The Different Types of Roofers and How to Find the Best

There are multiple different types of roofing materials in the industry. This also calls for different types of roofers. However, most roofing contractors are multi-roofers; they can handle more than just one type of roofing material. The important thing is to make sure you hire the most trusted roofer in Knoxville, TN

Here are the different types of roofing materials and roofers you can find in the market:

Metal Roofers

Just as the name suggests, these are roofers responsible for installing metal roofs. It could be on commercial buildings or even homes and residential buildings. Metal roofers were primarily not used by homeowners and you’d mostly find them in warehouses. However, they are quite common these days, and so are metal roofers.


Shingles refer to a person who installs shingles (asphalt shingles). Shingles are a type of roofing material that is also popular among homeowners. They are cheap, affordable, and durable (although there are other options as far as durability is concerned, better than asphalt shingles).

Commercial Roofers

As the name suggests, commercial roofers are roofers you will find installing roofs on commercial buildings. This is not necessarily determined by the type of roof or the material. It is more on the type of buildings and the specific skills they have on jobs they take on. 

There is a lot involved in commercial roof installations. The roofers working in large teams of experts and professionals. It also involves working with multiple, big, and heavy equipment, and in large buildings and structures. Generally, it is more technical, takes more time, expertise, and experience than most types of roofing.

Residential Roofers

Residential roofing contractors are responsible to install roofs on homes and private properties. As opposed to commercial roofing installation, this one is not as technical and complicated, it doesn’t require a huge team, and isn’t as time-consuming as commercial roofing.

How to Find the Best Roofing Contractors

Finding the right roofing contractor seems easy; it is always the same things, licenses, insurance, qualifications, and experience. All of these are super important. But there are some things that most people miss or forget. Here is what you should be really looking for while looking for your roofer;


Professionalism is the key to a smooth working process. You need to make sure that your roofing contractor wouldn’t cancel your appointments, show up on time, make suggestions and advise you on the best options, and such. Professionalism also reflects in customer service; the way they handle and treat you from day one, making you wait for a long time before they see you in their office, or delaying your appointments are just some of the red flags.


The roofing contractor you choose should generally be interested in getting your job done in a satisfactory manner. If they give you any signs of laziness, or they don’t want to follow your wishes because it is too much work e.g., a roofer who advises shingling over existing shingles, run. 


Trust is another key factor to be mindful of. Before hiring a roofer and signing the contract, first make sure they can be trusted to do what they say they’ll do. The last thing you want is a mediocre job after a long time and high-cost investments.

A Clean Record

You also want to check the track record of your roofing contractor; how long have they been in the industry, how are their past projects, do they have any complaints or unresolved issues, how about their customer service, how do they deal with their different clients, can they be trusted. These are some of the questions you have to answer first. 

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