Types of Slot Games to Play on Online Casinos

Online slot games are the most popular gambling game in an online casino. One of the reasons why it is so is because it’s easy and stress-free to play. You need not study gigantic texts for strategies before you win a massive amount from playing slot games. You just need to understand simple game etiquette, which you can do by first playing slot games for fun. The online slot game is the lost flooded games you’d find in the casino house during the on-land casino era. Before you notice any other table in the casino house, you’d first notice that colorful standing machine is playing a sonorous and adventurous theme song. This is also one of the reasons why the slot machine is so popular. It’s relatively easy to relate with as it, in a way, tells stories even though it’s a gambling machine.

The buzz, clinging coins, and the jackpot’s ringing show how interesting online slot machines can get. These features put the online slot machine and online casino gambling at the forefront. It’s impossible to visit an online casino without wanting to play online slot games. Even at all, you’d want to play out of curiosity about what makes the machines so popular. Gone are the days when the three-reel slot machines are popular. With technological advancements, we now have a 3D graphic effect with impeccable sound to go with it. It doesn’t end there. There are also exciting movie scenes and cinematic themes to go.

Here is a list of some of the top online casino slot games you can play for real money


  • Cash bandit

It was released as one of those themes on online casinos in 2017. After the advent of real-time gaming, the sequel of cash bandit also arrived in the casino community. The mode of play is relatively easy and straightforward. All you need to do is to complete a bank heist in 5 reels, 4 rows, and 1 to 25 variable pay line slots. This would help increase your chance of hitting the progressive jackpot. Some of the features that make this game exciting include

  • Vault feature: As mentioned above, the scope of the game is a bank heist, and the only way to access the vault room is by landing 3 robbers’ scattered features. Win multipliers by one out of the 5 vaults. Win up to 12X multipliers and 90 free games.
  • Speed: you can increase the speed of the reel to slow, medium or fast by just pressing a button at the button left
  • Payline: the number of paylines varies from 1-25


  • A night in Paris

This is one of those online slot games you can never stop playing. The theme is affection from the name of the game itself. A night in Paris. A city of love and affection and of lights. The storyline tells a tale of a thief (Jacques), a detective, and his bulldog on a quest. The game is such that it’s designed in 5 reels and 3 rows with at least 30 variable payline and a progressive jackpot. Making it very huge once you hit the jackpot. The theme music enhances the mischievous atmosphere coupled with the 3D impressive animation. You get to choose the coin value, which could range from 0.01-1.00 on the choose coin button. Unlike other online slot games, the bet per payline ranges from 1 to 5, with a maximum spin of 150 coins.

The chances of winning the progressive jackpot are relatively high when you play this game. And that’s because of the multiple pay line features. It helps to increase your chances of winning compared to the 25 paylines in Cash bandit. If you are looking for where to play online casino slot games, visit casino genie to select any online casino platform of your choice.


  • Cleopatra’s Gold

Here’s another one for the lover of the Egyptian theme games. One of the exciting sides of this game is that you can decide to play the non-progressive aspect or choose to play the jackpot aspect, which is the progressive slot type. This game was invented on online casinos as far back as 2015 and successfully launched RTG games. The latest versions are those with jackpots.

This game features 20 paylines with 5 reels. Be sure to note that these 20 paylines are adjustable, making it much enjoyable to hop on. This game’s wagering range is pegged at $0.01 per payline per spin and extends to up to $100 per pop. Playing on the progressive slot increases your chances of winning massively. The stake increases to $1 per game, with all paylines staying active. For the jackpot, it starts accumulating at $350,000. You stand a chance to win at least 10,000 coins for the basic type of Cleopatra’s gold.

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