5 Types of Therapy That Can Help Your Addiction

Recovering from addiction is not just a simple task, it involves a lot of effort, energy, and understanding. Handling it effectively with the kind of techniques or therapies can help you to go along a long way. In this blog, we are going to discuss 5 major therapies that help to recover from your addiction and paves the way for your sobriety.

Family Therapy

Whatever kind of activities we do support from either a friend, neighbor or a family member can drive towards it, when you feel unmotivated or tired of doing things. This therapy well deals with that it helps to rebuild the communication gap and gives a space to understand everyone’s point of view in a situation. This might slightly differ from other kinds of therapy and majorly focus on the individual sufferings in addiction recovery. The person who was in need of some kind of attention can be open up in this kind of therapy about what they are thinking and what kind of support they are lacking from the family. Creating harmony between the family members is the main aim of this therapy.

The session in this therapy lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour and it is often taken place at the counselor’s chamber or in rehab centers in Columbus Ohio with the guidance of a counselor or therapist.

Music Therapy

Music is always a pleasant one to hear and it can really heal all your wounds, it sometimes helps you to take your emotions outside and makes you feel relaxed. This therapy was introduced first in the 1970s in order to help the patients to express their feelings and thoughts, which they can communicate in a normal way. It is soon changed as a motivational factor for the patients to continue their treatment. The American Music Therapy Association encourages the patients who were involved in the treatment for recovery to try music therapy, even if they are not relevant to the music field or have any background related to music. Music therapy has few therapeutic exercises which include writing lyrics, playing an instrument, listening to music and dancing.


Fitness Therapy

All these therapies in addiction recovery focus on both the mind and body health, wants them to make it stable and normal, it is the main goal for these kinds of therapies in the treatment center. There are many proven examples that this fitness therapy can restore the level of balance for the person who has a substance abuse disorder alone or any other kind of addiction added to it. On the 12 step program, it is the common aspect to be followed since it has the ability to control your mind and body. And an additional benefit of fitting to this therapy is that it has a greater advantage of protecting someone(patients) to fall into relapse again. Most popular fitness therapy available in the treatment centers were:

  • Yoga
  • Hiking
  • Strength training
  • Team sports


Art Therapy

Art is very good medicine for those who were in a depression, they might have a greater chance to create a passion for it. It is the greatest form that helps one to express their emotions, increases their creativity and makes them distracted from their old habits. About 37% of treatment centers worldwide provide treatment programs that offer art therapy and it’s a part of treatment since the 1950s. The art therapy may include:

  • Sculpting
  • Sketching or drawing their emotions
  • Painting (when you feel low or depressed or to control your anxiety level)
  • Depicting events that took place during addiction


Chiropractic Therapy

Chiropractic therapy is mainly for physical rehabilitation and this method is in practice since 1912. This is a kind of natural therapy and no drugs were included or given to the patients. The practitioner of Chiropractic therapy must obtain a degree in Doctor of Chiropractic and they have separate hospitals and clinics to look after their patients. This therapy plays a major role in measuring the adjustment of the spine and peripheral parts of the body. Apart from medicines natural treatments like hot and cold water therapy, proper diet & exercise, massage were given for the patients as a part of the treatment.

The benefits of this therapy were very similar to the benefits of massage therapy since both share the same kind of modality. Stretching, movement and touch therapy may reduce the patient’s tension, stress, pain and increase overall feelings of well-being.


Addiction is a common problem to everyone, choosing and know the benefits of drug treatment programs or therapy can help your longtime recovery and helps to avoid you falling again into relapse. Here in this blog, we have listed the major 5 types of therapy that can help you better in your recovery path.

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