Understanding Slots Algorithms For Maximum Gains!

With online casinos crashing into the scene, they surely changed the game by bringing along a marketing masterpiece that changed the game of gambling forever. Online gambling was new and scary to a lot of people that didn’t know whether they can trust such websites with their money, so as a result, online casinos got one step ahead and began to give their clients free money and spins so they can check it out themselves!  Bonuses and free spins in the online casinos https://www.stakers.com/en/casino/ were and still are the number one magnet for all gamblers looking for some adrenaline rush. This advertising tactic is employed by many online casinos and is still highly used today.

The greatest entertainment for any gambler is free play at the casino. These bonuses are created exactly for this goal. The most famous form is the sign-up or welcome bonus. The rewards for this type of bonus change between the different casinos and usually average between 100%-400% of the initial deposit amount.

 So, to win in slots we must first understand how they’re built and function. It may seem a bit weird but slots actually operate on a complex mix of simple mathematical equations. The algorithm is called RNG ( Random Number Generator ) which works exactly as prescribed in its name, but fortunately, casinos aren’t always a game of luck, whereas a pretty logical and study able game. The logic behind RNG is that the slot itself does not memorize any of the results it gives, meaning that it is even possible that it would cash out 2 times in a row! 

Well, apparently the chances of this happening aren’t really high but nonetheless, they do exist because of the total randomness of the brains in the slots.

 You should understand the types of online slots depending on their payout percentage, meaning that the slot gives out an exact percentage of the money it takes. This percentage varies between 80% and 98%. Anything below 94% is considered as an average already.

This is a factor that is forgotten by the majority of slot players which apparently is very important to get the best out of each prize, just imagine that you could be left out from some extra 15% from the prize just because you chose the slot by default.

 You should also try to choose the slots depending on the number of jackpots, machines that offer a big prize tend to make you win less often than machines with small prizes (this is called variance or variability phenomenon).

Another important factor to take into consideration is the type of jackpots that the slots are programmed on. Machines with a fixed jackpot system have an advantage over progressive jackpots. There are two categories for progressive slots machines: “top payout” and “progressive”.  When playing top payout machines, you can profit only a fixed maximum amount for that specific machine. Progressive machines are kind of linked together, hence their maximum jackpot is usually determined by how often they are being played. The more people play them, the more of a prize amount it will give. Among flat-top machines, the general odds are similar, no matter how high the jackpot is. It’s even possible that the progressive machines are linked throughout the entire region or state, which is why they feature a high jackpot amount but a low rate of winning.

I would recommend you use your slots card, you can use your player’s card to take advantage of any comps. People usually don’t do this simply just not to wait for some extra 5 minutes to register.

Another helpful tip would be to try the machine next to you because according to the statistics, casinos never place two losing machines side by side. You would also want to choose the machines that are always in the most seen places, which is contrary to what people think, the casinos want people to find these slots and win them so that will be played. The more they’re played the more money is made.

One more factor that is left out while chasing the jackpot is that you should always choose an interesting game for you, slots have a lot of different types of games such as classic slots, with one-three-five reels, 3D slots… This is important so you don’t get bored while hitting the slots and then automatically start increasing your bets for some fun, which could be a terrible idea.

Slots are the number one entertainment and most played games both online and in land-based casinos, so we could definitely say that they aren’t going anywhere any time soon. So considering these factors while playing the slots is definitely a must so you can get your chances a lot higher! Always play safe and responsibly.

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