Understanding the Concept of Compressing PDF Files With Ease

Adobe PDF or a portable document format is one of the most commonly used types of file formats today. The reason why PDF files need compressing is that they usually eat up your storage space. Most of these files take an unreasonable amount of storage, especially if you’re fond of using PDF files as part of your work or education.

With that being described, PDF files that are heavy in storage and lengthy are being compressed. Well, these types of data are commonly used to distribute read-only documents and, at the same time, preserve the layout of the page. Most PDF files are used for eBooks, scanned documents, user manuals, or application forms.

Moreover, for these types of files, a PDF compressor software exists. One of the most reliable and convenient PDF compressors you can use is PDFbear. It can be easily accessed online for free.

Compressing PDF Files

There may be a lot of software you can use in compressing PDF files, but one of the most convenient is the PDFbear. Using this software won’t be a problem. Aside from having a user-friendly interface, this software is easy to use. PDFbear will be able to help you with how to compress a PDF file.

Using PDFbear in compressing your PDF files won’t just make your file lighter, but it’ll be a process without hassle and stress. Well, the only thing you need to do is to follow the proper process of compressing PDF files.

The Process of Compressing PDF Files

The primary thing you need to do is to have a PDF file uploaded online. You can choose a file on your computer’s hard drive or any storage, such as a cloud and external hard drive. When done choosing, you can drag and drop it on the site or the server. Once uploaded online, PDFbear will immediately scan the file to start the compression.

The next thing to do is to wait for the scan to end. Once it’s done, you can directly start the process of compressing the file. When ready, you can choose the option available and select “Compress” since you want to compress a PDF file. It’ll only take about a few seconds or a minute to complete the compression for the estimated time of completion.

Once the process is done and the progress bar is full, you will have an option to download the newly compressed PDF file. One of the reasons why PDFbear is convenient to use is because of its flexibility. It supports files from Dropbox, Google Drive, and One Drive. Aside from those options, you can also send a PDF compressed file through email.

Choosing a Safe and Reliable Software

PDF files are essential if you’re a student or working for a company. It’s an important file that you don’t want to mess up. Yes, there may be a lot of software you can use online to compress a PDF file. But you don’t want to use an untrusted site. Well, that goes without saying that using a suspicious site would possibly lead to a disaster.

With PDFbear, you will have the assurance of keeping your file safe and secured. This software respects the privacy and confidentiality of its users. In line with this, you can always upload and download files without having a second thought.


Compressing PDF files is an easy task. You just need to find the right software to use for the process. With PDFbear, you can always compress files anywhere and with any device. You can access the site through Windows, Mac, or Linux. You can even compress files using your mobile device. So if you’re looking for PDF compressors with quality, use PDFbear.

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