Unique Nail Art Trends for 2021

Staying on-trend can feel like a full-time job. It seems like some trends come and go faster than the speed of light. Luckily when it comes to fashion there are always a few things that are timeless and always safe. For example, a little black dress, a french manicure, and black pumps will always be acceptable. It may not be on-trend but it will always be acceptable. Nail art is also constantly changing but there are a few looks that are really popular right now.


Multi-Colored Nails

This year seems to be all about the mismatch. Doing every nail a different color is very on-trend in 2021. Doesn’t it remind you of when you were small and wanted to use all your mom’s nail polish at once? Maybe it is that call back to a simpler time that has caused this style to become so popular. Many people chose to use colors that complement one and another but there are no rules when it comes to this trend.

Negative Space

This trend is turning negative space into a positive trend. The style at the moment is to leave most of the nail natural with small designs painted randomly in the nail. It could be on the shape in the corner of each nail or just random dots place on the nails. The key is to just place minimal color on the nails and to leave plenty of negative space.

Retro Designs

Think of the 70s and 80s when you try and picture this nail trend. It bringing back those patterns and prints that were popular on clothes during these periods. Neons and triangles are popular on the 80s inspired nails and the 70’s retro designs may make you think of some of the dresses in classic James Bond movies.


Coffin Nails

The hot nail shape of 2021 is the coffin nail. This shape is typically long and tappers to a square end. It is called a coffin nail because it is similar to the shape of the bottom of a coffin. These nails are great and fit any aesthetic. A goth can wear this shape as easily as a woman on wall street. This shape can go from a rock concert to an important meeting without missing a beat.

Put Some Bling On It

Rhinestones are making a comeback and who can refuse extra sparkle. Small accents of bling are very on-trend for 2021. Embellishing nails seem to tend to come and go but it is such a fun trend when it comes back around. There is just something that feels extra glam about your nails sparkling in the sunlight.

How To Stay On-Trend on a Budget

Keeping your nails done all the time can be really hard on your budget. There is a secret to doing your own nails at home though. Nailboo offers nail kits that allow you to get professional nails at home for a fraction of the cost of going to the salon. This allows you to always make sure your nails are on-trend and that you stay on-budget.


Now that you know the secret to keep perfect on-trend nails at all time, you need to purchase you Nailboo nail kit immediately. They offer a wide selection of colors that will make all these styles easy to achieve. There are several videos online to help you to master using your new nail kit. These videos will also walk you step by step through achieving all these nail art trends. You are just one purchase away from gorgeous nails. What are you waiting for?

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