Unique Restaurant Patio Design Ideas

Patio design, like any other design, evolves with the times. There are more incredible elements available today than ever before to improve the outside space of your restaurant. Perhaps you believe it is time to improve the outside seating area of your business. To enjoy dining, drinking, and hanging out outside in a unique setting is becoming increasingly popular among guests.

These restaurant patio ideas will breathe new life into your outside space, no matter how small your space or how limited your budget may be.

Creative Lighting

String lights (such as Edison bulbs) are quite popular right now, and people are utilizing them to brighten up anything from porches to backyards and everything in between. They enhance the visual appeal of your commercial outdoor furniture to passersby, while also giving lovely, evenly dispersed light to the visitors who are currently enjoying your patio.

If string lights aren’t your thing, experiment with paper lanterns, tabletop candles, or unusual light fixtures. Incorporating unique lighting into your restaurant’s nighttime environment is a fantastic approach to creating a comfortable and appealing atmosphere for your customers.

Misting Fans

Misting fans, which reduce the temperature and increase the degree of comfort on your restaurant patio, may make dining outdoors a refreshing experience for your customers. Patio misting fans are available in several different sizes and designs to suit your needs. Using container plants, you may keep them hidden while placing them near high-traffic places such as bars and meeting areas.


Are you looking for a solution to extend the seasonally useful life of your outdoor space? Consider purchasing a propane fire pit to use as a gathering place for friends and family. Many restaurants use movable carts that can be pushed about and kept inside when not in use, as opposed to stationary ones.

If you have the necessary room, time, and finances, you might want to consider having a firepit or fireplace installed in your outdoor living space. These are typically larger, more durable, and more visually appealing than portables, even though they are more expensive and labor-intensive to construct initially.

Space Heaters

Even if it’s chilly outside, you don’t have to let your valuable patio area go to waste because of the weather. By strategically installing heaters around the space, many restaurants can keep their covered porches comfortable for longer periods throughout the year.

Some of them are suspended from the ceiling, whilst others are freestanding and may be moved about as needed to suit the situation. Calculate the square footage of your patio and study which heater design would work best for your space, as well as how many heaters you’ll need.

Lawn Games

If you want to establish a relaxed atmosphere where people will want to stay around for extended periods, providing entertainment is essential. Providing guests with activities to participate in will encourage them to stay longer and spend more money.

Corn hole, bocce ball, ladder ball, toppling blocks (like Jenga, but bigger), and Kan Jam are all fantastic choices for simple outdoor games that anybody can play.


The use of throw blankets is becoming increasingly popular as more restaurants strive to bring the comforts of home to the dining experience. Providing blankets for your outside guests is a fantastic way to keep them comfortable on cold evenings. As an added plus, they provide a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere in your home.

Large, Vibrant Umbrellas

On restaurant patios, individual table umbrellas are often a welcome addition. Extra-large, brightly colored umbrellas that cover many tables, on the other hand, might block out more sunlight from your outdoor environment. Furthermore, those huge patio umbrellas are eye-catching and avoid the cluttered appearance that may arise from packing too many smaller patio umbrellas into a limited space. Large umbrellas, in particular, are an excellent choice for patios with limited space.

Dog Treats and Water Bowls

A simple (and free!) way to remind pet owners that you’re thinking about their pups is to provide them a bowl of fresh water. Enquire with your local pet stores or dog bakeries about offering reduced goodies in return for increased brand exposure at your establishment.


Providing at least some shade will guarantee that guests are comfortable throughout the hottest months of the year. You do not have to cover the entire outside space, but it is recommended. If you’re looking for a sturdy alternative to an umbrella or triangular shade sail, consider retractable awnings, as well.


Adding potted or in-ground plants to your patio is a simple and effective method to bring life to your outdoor area. Outdoor vegetation that takes little or no maintenance should be chosen; for example, consider planting shrubs and small trees, as well as huge seasonal pots that can accommodate a range of flowers and herbs. If you decide to use succulents or fresh flowers in vases for your tables, make sure to bring them in the night before your event.

Outdoor Bar or Walk-Up Window

Installing an outside bar or a walk-up ordering window can make it easy for your outdoor customers to place orders if the space allows it. It’s not uncommon for restaurants and craft brewers to do this by turning an old rectangular shipping container into a bartending station and installing it in the outside sitting area.

A modest refurbished camper, the construction of a “drive-thru” window on the side of your restaurant, or just connecting power to an outside counter space are all viable possibilities for your business.


In the same way that providing heat on chilly evenings is vital for visitor comfort, offering ventilation during hotter months is essential for guest comfort. Permanent outdoor ceiling or wall fans work well for a covered porch, while huge portable fans are excellent for an open outside environment. The ability to create a breeze on a hot day may completely change the ambiance of your restaurant with the push of a button.

Creative Seating

Increase the sense of excitement and invitingness in your outdoor space by including seating that is more creative than traditional tables and chairs. Depending on the size of your room, use hammocks, Adirondack chairs, and/or brightly colored beach chairs to create a relaxed atmosphere.


Visually arresting artwork, such as murals, is a certain method to have your area photographed and tagged on social media platforms. Consider collaborating with a local artist to commission a piece that will be unique to your home or business.


Consider the various possibilities for upgrading and decorating your restaurant patio, and then choose a few important elements to implement to begin the process. By developing a long-term vision for your patio, you may progressively improve your overall appearance. You may also go all out and remodel the outside space if you so choose.

Any improvements you make to your restaurant patio will undoubtedly be well received by the large number of guests who are searching for more than simply a place to sit outside.

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