Up-and-Coming Athletes That are Poised to Dominate Their Sports for the Next Decade

The world of sports moves a million miles an hour. Teams and players rise and fall at a rapid pace, and predicting who will be great next is difficult. However, fans love to make predictions. Why else are Ontario sports betting apps all the rage these days? While fans love to bet and guess who will be next up, no one seems to know for sure.

However, while predicting and wagering on the future is a difficult task, it is not impossible. There are many players seemingly on the rise right now that look likely to only get better and become even more dominant superstars going forward. In short, if you were a betting person, these would be the people to wager on. Let’s look at some of the emerging athletes across sports that seem likely to be the most dominant stars for the next decade.

Victor Wembanyama

The modern NBA game has changed so much in the past few years. Big men are expected to put the ball on the floor, shoot from a distance, and defend the pain. No one embodies that evolution more than Victor Wembanyama. The French wunderkind is widely projected to be the first overall pick in the NBA draft and is the most hyped-up prospect since LeBron James. The 7’4 has incredible handles and shooting for his size, and not only that, but he is a hugely impactful shot-blocker. He is everything teams are looking for, and in ten years, he will still only be 29.

Caleb Williams

As we put a bow on the 2023 NFL Draft, it is natural to look ahead to 2024. And waiting there for whichever quarterback-needy team picks first is Caleb Williams. Fresh off a Heisman campaign at USC, Williams checks every box NFL evaluators are looking for. He has a cannon of an arm, is an elite runner, and seems to make something happen every time the play breaks down.

It looks likely that he will take the reins of an NFL franchise and immediately make an impact, and his game has been compared to Patrick Mahomes. No pressure, though, right?

Connor Bedard

As if one superstar NHL player named Connor wasn’t enough, Connor Bedard is poised to enter the draft as the most highly touted player since Connor McDavid. Bedard is only 17 years old and is fresh off a WHL season where he scored 143 points in 57 games. The game comes easy to this young superstar, who is known for his speed and his shooting ability, which is often compared to some of the best goal scorers in the league. He is talked about as a generational talent coming into the NHL, and whichever team lucks him in the draft lottery will surely count their blessings. In ten years, he will be in the middle of the prime of his career.

Erling Haaland

In soccer, it can be difficult for players to stand the test of time. However, no one in the world would be foolish enough to bet against Erling Haaland right now. The Manchester City striker has made easy work of the Premier League after some said his talents wouldn’t carry over from the Bundesliga. He has broken the league’s goal-scoring record and still has seven games left to tighten his chokehold on the record book. The craziest part? The Norwegian striker is only 22 years old. It seems crazy to even imagine, but his best days might still be ahead of him.

Wander Franco

There has been a lot of noise surrounding Wander Franco since before he even stepped foot into an MLB batter’s box. The Tampa Bay Rays’ shortstop had all the tools and arrived in the MLB in his age 20 season, which is incredibly young. He was solid but prone to injuries. However, this year, Franco has arrived. He is healthy and looking dominant, and the Rays are the best team in the league. His speed, contact ability, and power make him likely to be the face of the MLB for at least ten more seasons, as he will still be relatively young in baseball years at 32.

Carlos Alcaraz

The era of Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic seems to be coming to an end, and fans have long wondered who will follow in the footsteps of these tennis legends. It appears they have their answer with Carlos Alcaraz. Alcaraz is a 19-year-old Spaniard, and he has already climbed the ATP rankings to stand at the second spot. He is widely considered to be the next big thing in the sport, and with Djokovic and Nadal getting up there and Federer already retired, it seems highly likely that the next decade will see a lot of Carlos Alcaraz wins.

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