US E-commerce Trend Statistics for 2018

E-commerce has been a booming market in 2018. Also, worldwide online sales are expected to double by the end of 2020. According to Statista, a report on online retail in the US market has confirmed that more and more people are opting for online shopping. A growth of 8.9% in total retail sales has been seen in the year 2018. Around 42% of shoppers prefer to research and buy products online while 14% do the research online and buy at offline stores.

Web and mobile-influenced online shopping have made a great impact on the overall E-commerce sales market. If you compare the average E-commerce revenue based on the individual online shopper, the US tops the list with $1804 per shopper. Hence, you can imagine how E-commerce is becoming a new tradition in the US shopping culture.

Moreover, the increase in the number of online coupons and discounts is also one of the influencing factors that have boosted the US E-commerce market in 2018. Americans are obsessed with saving. And online shopping allows them to save more money than traditional shopping. Discount and coupon sites and Couponobox have made the online shopping experience more enjoyable for everyone.

Moreover, social media platforms have also played a very significant role in total E-commerce market sales. The potential buyers tend to rely on reviews, advice, and recommendations available on Facebook, Twitter, and many other such platforms.

What is influencing Americans to shop more online?

Instant Access – If you pay attention to American history, you will find that they are more technology-driven and welcoming to change. Due to the constant urge to become more productive and save precious time, the online shopping or E-commerce market is blooming in the US market rapidly.

Widest Collection – Everyone wants to explore more to pick the best fit. Online retailers bring the widest range of products for shoppers to find the right quality, low prices, and convenient services.

Better Business Exposure – E-commerce is opening doors of opportunity for every small and big retailer in the US. More than 50% of the retailers have websites and online presence which is increasing every year.

Better Savings – Everybody wants to save more and Online shopping is a great opportunity to find savings while buying almost everything. Coupons and discount offers, off-season sales, etc. are playing a vital role in increasing the E-commerce market.

2018: Top Three selling category of the year in the US

Electronics – It had remained the favorite shopping category for most Americans in 2018. Laptops and mobiles are the top products that are being bought by online shoppers in the US. The reason behind this is great prices and hassle-free wide variety in just a few clicks.

Grocery – After electronic, daily grocery shopping is also increasing among the US people as they get more discounts and free delivery options. This online grocery presence helps them to get the items at their doorstep at a much affordable cost.

Clothing – Clothing shopping is trending more than ever. The E-commerce world is growing extensively with more retailers selling clothes and apparel at much cheaper rates and easy return policies.

Shape up your E-commerce strategies to meet the online 2019 statistics in the US

2019 is going to be another rocking year for the sector as total retail sales are expected to grow 3.3% to $5.529 trillion and e-commerce sales are expected to grow 15.1% to $605.3 billion in the USA. Technology is going to enter the e-commerce business sector with the evolution of voice command, social commerce, and augmented reality.

However, in some categories, it might be struggling a bit due to a lack of trust issues among the users. You will likely witness some new trends or modifications in the online return and delivery policy to provoke more online shoppers to hit the buy button. Drone technology will soon be seen as the new fastest delivery enabling same-day delivery to customers living in far or vulnerable areas.

Mobile E-commerce is expected to turn over $693.36 billion of online sales by 2019. Hence, online websites will be more mobile friendly. Moreover, people in the USA are relying more on e-commerce for every small and big purchase.


The E-commerce statistics here clearly indicate on more customer-centric approach in the coming years. So, customer experience is going to be the top priority of the e-commerce market. After all, good customer experience is key to initiating more sales and customers retain them back by being loyal buyers.

Also, your customer experience is going to differentiate you from the crowd and boost your sales in the future. At the same time, a smart website that navigates within seconds is an important factor to let the customer stay with you. Therefore, customer satisfaction should be your key goal in the 2019 business strategies.

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