5 US States to Escape to After the Kids Leave

The kids are all grown up and it’s just you and your spouse. You’re currently living in a home that has four bedrooms and three bathrooms. You realize this is too much house for just two people. The time has come to make the decision to downsize to a smaller home. You are also considering moving to an area with a warmer climate. Some consideration is given to whether you want to stay local or completely relocate. There are several states you are interested in and you are interested in exploring these options.

Florida, the sunshine state

Florida is at the top of everyone’s retirement list. After all, this state is filled with sunshine and beautiful palm trees. The beaches have some of the most breathtaking views from sunrise to sunset. With a relatively low cost of living and no state income tax, Florida is an attractive place for retirees. Florida has a large variety of retirement communities that cater to active adults in the retirement stage of their lives. Venice Florida is one of the original retirement communities developed in the state. John and Kathy Murdoch’s Marco Island real estate is another popular site for those looking to retire outside of a retirement community.

Does Georgia peach anyone?

Due to the popularity of Florida, Georgia is often overlooked as a possible place for retirement. Social security income for retirees does not incur any taxes in the state of Georgia. The state offers a wide variety of entertainment, shopping, and dining and the crime rate in many communities is relatively low. There are a number of recreational activities retirees can participate in and an array of medical centers to cater to the needs of active senior citizens. In comparison to other states, Georgia’s cost of living is relatively low. Just south of the major city of Atlanta is the historic city of Savannah. Often known as a vacation area, this city is perfect for retirees.

The Carolinas

South Carolina is another state that does not tax Social Security retirement benefits. The cost of living in the state of South Carolina is approximately 7% lower than the national average, which makes this state an attractive option for people entering retirement. As with any southern state, southern hospitality is one of the best features in South Carolina. The climate is relatively warm and there is an abundance of natural beauty throughout the state.

North Carolina, like its sister state, does not tax social security retirement benefits. The property taxes are low, which makes the real estate market attractive for retirees. The eastern part of the state offers beautiful beaches perfect for relaxing. The central area of the state has breathtaking mountain communities. The geographic variety makes North Carolina an attractive place for baby boomers to come and kick back. Asheville, North Carolina is extremely popular, as it has attractions such as Biltmore Park and town areas like Black Mountain. The city offers communities filled with amenities to keep retirees active.

South Dakota

South Dakota is one of seven states that do not impose state taxes on individual income including retirement income. This factor alone makes calling South Dakota home a great idea for retirees. In addition to no income taxes, the state has a low cost of living compared to the national average. The state’s thriving economy continues to attract new residents. Some of the best cities in South Dakota include Brookings, Sioux Falls, and Yankton. This state does not offer sunshine or palm trees, but it does have natural scenery that is reminiscent of scenes from a classic Christmas movie. The breathtaking views of the mountains could be an attractive incentive for individuals who don’t mind the cold crisp climate. With low crime and high-quality healthcare, South Dakota is a great contender for those considering retirement.

Retirement is a goal that many hard-working individuals aspire to achieve. During our careers, we implement retirement plans that would afford us the ability to retire comfortably without sacrificing a decent quality of life. Individuals who are looking to relocate during their retirement, are constantly searching for the better choice for retirement locations. Since this will, more than likely, be their forever home, they want to make sure they are making the best decision for retirement.

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