Use a Magnifying Makeup Mirror with Lights: What to Know

The selection of this type of device on an online store will be easy once you have established the features that benefit you. But even with the best magnifying mirror, you have to learn to handle it. These tips will help you to better understand this product and use it correctly.

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Tips to Use Magnifying Makeup Mirror


Different locations will be suitable to properly install a mirror. They must be determined according to the type, but also to the use. To powder the nose, the model on foot will find its place on the makeup table. You have better comfort when you sit down.

If the gentleman also wants to look in for shaving, it would be better to opt for an article to hang in the bathroom. A location above a bidet will be most suitable for males and couples.

Wall Model

For those who have chosen to buy a wall model, fixing is essential. In general, the device has notches on the back, and hooks are also supplied in the packaging. So you just need to hang these on a vertical surface. Take measurements to determine where the holes are, use a drill to punch the wall, and drive in a dowel. Then screw the hooks into it and hang the item.

In the case of an adhesive specimen, it attaches to the mirror already placed in your bathroom or to that of your wardrobe in the bedroom.

Light system

It is a system generally integrated into a magnifying mirror. It will help you to light up the part of your face to be made up when you are in the dark or at night. Activate it by pressing the start button. You will be able to see in more detail the imperfections on your skin and better hide or get rid of them.

Of course, you should avoid using it for a long time, because the lamp gradually heats up. This could change the properties of the mirror over time.


There are various possibilities for correctly polishing a magnifying mirror, including the newspaper technique. This consists of rubbing the glass impregnated with a glass product with a sheet. It is a very frequent practice that does not require any rinsing.

The second tip uses lemon. The acid in the juice helps remove stains more easily. Of course, you must remove the dust before applying the liquid using a soft cloth soaked. The potato will also properly clean your mirror. So cut it into two slices and rub the surface with each of them in turn.


For this item to always be effective, care must be taken regularly. Once you know how to clean it and how often, do it without breaking the rhythm. Because you use it almost every day, do not hesitate as soon as you notice small traces and imprints. Don’t wait until it blurs or the spots are too annoying to deal with it. Ideally, polish it before you start applying makeup. The result will be all the more pleasant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Convex or concave magnifying mirror?

The convex magnification mirror has a rounded design. It directly enlarges the part to work. You will then be able to better distinguish each detail and refine the makeup. On the other hand, the concave model is hollow, to bring a clear vision of the surface around a precise point. For example, it is suitable for effective eyebrow waxing, so the selection depends on your needs.

Q2: How to choose a bright magnifying mirror?

There is a large collection of this product, that’s why you have to learn how to buy a magnifying mirror with a better value for money. To find the one that best meets your expectations, first determine its use. An article on foot is suitable for applying makeup. So that your man can shave properly, choose a model to hang in the bathroom and for those who are constantly on the move, a pocket device. Also, remember that there are versions with telescopic arms and others to hang with a screw or adhesive. Practicality is therefore also taken into account.

Q3: How does a magnifying mirror work?

This type of product has two sides, one of which is normal and the other of which is magnifying. The first is used as a classic mirror, with a magnification of 1x. It only reflects the objects in front of it.

In the case of the second, it zooms in on the part you want to examine to offer a more detailed view. It does not only return the image but can also display in full size the size of the point you observe.

Q 4: Magnifying mirror, what power?

We are talking about magnification here, which is why the best performance depends on your vision. If you have significant vision problems, we recommend a x20 specimen. You will then more clearly examine the defects to be rectified on your face.

If you suffer from mild myopia, opt for an article offering a 10x zoom. The reflection will be neither too large nor too small, ensuring you a correct result for the wedding. The x5 specimen will adapt to people with very little ametropia. So you won’t have to worry about looking into it.

Q5: Magnifying mirror, what size?

Size is an essential criterion when you are trying to find out how to choose the best magnifying mirrors of 2020. This selection will be made according to use as well as the space available in the bathroom. If you have room, don’t deprive yourself of a large enough mirror.

In case you want to take it with you everywhere, a pocket model is essential. Put it easily in your bag to effectively repel your nose during your outings.

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