How to Use DIY Eyelash Extensions at Home?

Eyelash extensions are applied with the help of an adhesive to your natural eyelashes. These are very different from disposable eyelash strips available extensively. Eyelash extensions are made up of semi-permanent fibers and make your eyelashes look fuller and longer. 

Having eyelash extensions done costs money. You could save it by applying eyelash extensions at home. You can do it yourself and do not need anyone’s help. However, a lot of care should be taken while using them. All you have to do is glue the bundle of eight individual lashes on your natural eyelash. It could take up to two or three hours, but it would be worth it as it lasts for more than eight weeks and falls out naturally with your eyelash. 

You must have heard about some famous names like Scala, Svanslashes, 3D Mink, etc., but applying most of them is not very simple. You may fail to create a mess in your eyes. You must look for eyelash extensions that have simple application mechanisms. For instance, Lilac St’s Lash Extensions are really easy to apply, and using those eyelash extensions at home will be rather effortless. Not only are they made of the best quality Korean Silk with a simple application mechanism, but they also come with a complete kit that could be very helpful for perfect results.

Experts take only an hour or even less, and they do it professionally. Following are some of the valuable tips collected from experts to help you in applying your eyelash extension.

Choose the type of Eyelash Extension that suits your Natural Lashes

In choosing the most appropriate eyelash extension, you should first assess the status of your natural eyelashes. Long and thick extensions might damage fragile and short eyelashes. You should take into consideration how much weight they will be able to carry. The healthier they are, the more weight they will be able to bear.

Korean silk lashes by Lilac St’s Extensions are the best material that generally suits everyone. Also, they have many sizes and styles available for you to choose from. 

Also, try applying only half set for the first time to see how they hold up. If all seems well, you could apply more to get a fuller look.

Choose from the available types and designs.

When buying eyelash extensions, you should be aware that they come in three materials. Mink, silk, and synthetic are available in varying designs and styles. Choose the material that is affordable and creates a natural look on your face. Synthetic extensions are by far the cheapest available. Mink gives a civilized look but is the most expensive. 

Eyelash extension designs include varying lengths from 6mm to 17 mm. Thickness and colour also vary. Choosing the one that suits you best is the most important element in getting it fixed appropriately. Choose something you would be comfortable with 24/7, and not just for a particular event. Moreover, commit yourself to their upkeep for their extended life.

Choose Varying Sizes for Better Results

Once you have decided which material, length, and volume of lash extensions you would be applying, choose extensions varying slightly in length. It would be sufficient to get subtle variation in three sizes, and it would give you a lovely natural look. Use your shortest extensions for filling in any remaining gaps in your lash line. However, be careful not to overcrowd them so that your natural look would not be destroyed. 

Do not Forget to Get an Extension Kit.

If you have decided on applying lash extensions yourself at home, it is an absolute must to buy a lash extension kit from a beauty supplies shop. The kit will have all the tools that you will need for a perfect look. Also, through these tools, the risk of wasting your extensions is minimized. Lash extension tools include suitable quality adhesive, tweezers, eyelash brush, and extra adhesive remover. A kit would make the whole procedure easier and more convenient to apply. The kit also includes instructions that you should read carefully and follow.

Ask someone to help you

When applying eyelash extensions for the first time, you should always have someone to help you out. A family member or a friend could do the job. While glueing on the extension, you would be required to close your eyes and keep still. This could be done more quickly if you have a friend to pass you the tools or help apply them with you. An extra set of hands would prove to be very handy and would apply smoothly with guidance. 

Also, it is safe to have someone around while applying the adhesive as it shouldn’t go in our eye. Someone around to tackle any mishaps is always a safer and better option.  

Readying Your Natural Eyelashes before Applying for Extensions

Before you start applying eyelash extensions, your natural lashes should be appropriately cleaned from any make-up residue and dried. This would help the adhesive in sticking correctly. Also, comb your natural lashes and separate them smoothly so that they attach properly.

Moreover, it would be best to cover the area underneath your bottom lash with the white, adhesive pad in the extension kit for added protection. 

Very few companies provide an instructional kit for applying for eyelash extensions, like Lilac St’s Lash Extensions. These prove to be very useful when applying for eyelash extensions at home.   

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