How to Use Highlighted Stories on Instagram?

Probably you have got people to show their Instagram stories in small circles on their profiles and are amazed how they did it. And you also listened to your friends, mentioned their Instagram highlights, and wondered what they meant.

The highlights of Instagram are essentially the Instagram stories that you choose to highlight on your profile permanently. If you add a story to a feature, it will be visible even after 24 hours, making it a great way to keep your most successful stories running.

When you open a featured item, you can view and navigate it like a normal story, except you won’t see the viewer list. After the story that you saved has been running for 24 hours, the viewer list disappears, and all you see is the hit count.

The limit for the Instagram story highlights is 100 photos or videos, and you can create as many highlights as you like. Once there are too many to fit on one screen, you can scroll through them by scrolling left and right.

Essentially the highlight of Instagram is a simple feature, but its use can be confusing. For example, you may have trouble figuring out how to add custom covers or how to remove featured ones that you no longer want.

How to create an Instagram story highlight?

If you don’t have any highlighted Instagram stories yet, you can create one from your current story or the Story Archive. Of course, it means that you need to have the archive highlight turned on. It is usually enabled by default, but this is how you can double-check it and activate the Story Archive if necessary.

Once the file is activated, you can go ahead and create your first feature. If you want to create an Instagram highlight using a story that you posted a while back, you can do too.

  • From your profile, tap the Menu icon in the upper right corner.
  • Go to Settings> Privacy and Security> History controls.
  • Scroll down to Save to file and activate the toggle.
  • Now, open your Instagram story.
  • Tap the Highlight icon at the bottom.
  • In the Add to Highlights popup, tap New.
  • Enter a name for the highlight and edit the cover if desired.
  • Finally, tap Add and then Done.

How to add a custom cover to a highlighted one?

You may notice when you create an Instagram highlight, and the app automatically selects the cover image for the stories you’re saving. You may also have noticed that large Instagram accounts often have standout custom covers, with their logos and brand colors, for example. How did they do that?

Here’s how you can add a custom cover for a highlighted Instagram you already have:

  • Open it highlighted and tap the More button in the lower-left corner.
  • Tap Edit Featured and then Edit Cover Page.

You’ll see your current cover-up closing and the list of covers you can choose from below. Tap the Image icon right next to those.

Select the custom cover from your photo library and adjust it.

Of course, you prepared a featured cover in advance and saved it to the photo library on your phone.

How to make custom Instagram highlighted covers?

To create custom Instagram highlighted covers, you’ll need access to any free graphic design platform. Choose the template for “Instagram Story”. You’ll need to select the perfect size for your featured Instagram Story cover.

Browse different illustrations to choose icons for your featured Instagram Story covers. There are many options including free icons and paid icons. Alternatively, you can create featured text-based covers.

After choosing the icon you want as your personalized Instagram highlight cover, just pick a background color. You will need to add this image to the feature to be eligible as a featured custom cover.

How to use highlights to surprise your customers?

Highlight products or collections

Fashion and lifestyle brands can use Featured Highlights to create separate channels for seasonal collections, and newcomers, or to share sales and other promotions.

Highlight trends and themes

Brands that publish content regularly, such as magazines or blogs, can create Instagram Stories highlights based on the categories or topics they write about.

Every time a story is created based on that theme, it can be archived in the appropriate Highlight category, making it easy for followers to view content that interests them. Do You Know- How to upload videos on Instagram from your PC? If you want to know, you can also follow – How to post videos on Instagram from your PC?

Highlights based on audience or interest

You could also organize your Instagram Story Highlights based on your followers’ demographics. For example, a department store might have several highlights for its target customers: kids, women, men, household items, electronics, etc. A television network may choose to organize content based on the genre such as science fiction, drama, comedy, or action.

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