Use Normal Photos Or Live Videos To Make The Best Use Of Instagram For Your Business

To make the best use of Instagram for your business development purpose, you do not need to go overboard. You can even add ordinary photos or live videos to get the best results. Apart from that, if you wish you can use boomerangs which are mini videos that loop back and forth. You can even add basic text or music to tell your stories with better and more focused photos.

Once you have recorded your video or have taken a picture, you can add specific stickers to it such as:

  • Your business location
  • Tags for all the other users and
  • Hashtags to your content.

You may also use other stickers such as polls, sliding bars, and questions. This will facilitate direct interaction with your users.

Another great way to draw the attention of the users towards your brand or any specific product of your business is to use Stories Highlights. This is more like a highlight reel used on your business profile above your post. These will stay on your profile until you remove these. These happen to be the best and most effective solutions with real Instagram likes in social media marketing endeavors.

Using live videos

To make Instagram Stories more useful and appealing, you can use live videos and stream them. These are much similar to the combination of Facebook Live and Snapchat that disappears. With these live videos, you can give your customers a live look at the most exciting aspects of your business and what goes on behind the scenes.

  • You may also show the products your business deals with or answer live questions of your customers through the comments. This will result in more likes and using Like4Like you will have different options to choose from.
  • When the video ends, it lives for 24 hours in your Instagram Stories. However, if you want it to remain on the Instagram feed, you may upload a video or even shoot a video directly to post through the app.

What is even more useful is that you can still change the cover or add filters and also include sound when you choose to upload or shoot a video.

Using live videos

Interact with other users

Interacting with other users is what makes Instagram so useful and popular in social media marketing. There are many different ways in which you can communicate with other Instagram users, for instance, you can tag them in your photos and may even privately message your customers. Using free Instagram likes you will find simple ways to connect with other Instagram users or to like a photo by wither double-tapping on the image or tapping the heart button under the post.

By clicking on the comment button located next to the like button, the app will take you to the comment page of that specific photo. You can add your comments in the text box as well and hit the post when you are done. Just like on Twitter, you can use the ‘@’ symbol to tag other users or post captions.

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  1. Target your ad and check the video metrics to see how people are reacting. Repeat based on what works for your business and audience. Add a call to action button, play in square or landscape format, reuse, or create new content specifically for Instagram.

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