Use Psiphon to Unblock Blocked Internet Access

Nowadays, websites are essential for most people who need to browse vital details on a particular matter. Although the internet world has some sites that can have a negative influence on its users, there have been more positive attributes that we can look beyond that negativity.

But how can we do that if the site that we need to access is blocked? Blocking of the site is intentionally done by the Government to minimize the number of minors who access the restricted websites. We appreciate the government’s strategy for good intentions that will lead the minors to the right path.

But how about the adults? Let us end the worries about that, for we are here to tell you how to use Psiphon to unblock blocked Internet access or websites.

If ever you encounter a failure to open a web page due to region restriction, I recommend Psiphon to solve your problem. Psiphon for PC Windows is a free Proxy software or VPN software that you can treat as your friend. Psiphon has almost all of the functionalities that a secure Proxy and VPN software has come within it.

Psiphon Review

Psiphon Pro is mainly available for Windows Operating Systems, 64-bit, or 32-bit machines. With this tool, you can have nine several locations or servers you can connect to. Psiphon connects to the fastest server after you open it by its default. If your need is to access a website from a particular country, you can choose to change the location manually, as well.

Psiphon gives two options to solve your problem with accessing the site that you want. One is the Timeouts for slow Networks. The other one is the Split Tunnel. Timeouts for slow Networks is a process where Psiphon disconnects the slow server and helps you connect to a faster server by default.

This option fits you if you want to disable this feature. While in Split Tunnel, most of the time, it is easily accessible to those home country websites. If you are not comfortable using Psiphon while opening your region websites, you can use this feature. This feature is off by default, but if you turn this feature on, your browser will not go to the Psiphon server.

Unblock blocked Internet Access

Let us start unblocking that blocked Internet access or web page on the present location where you are right now by first, opening Psiphon on your device. As you open Psiphon, it will automatically connect to the fastest server. However, you can change the location/server depending on what is required.

To do this, click the “Fastest Country” menu and select the location from the list given. Using the “Fastest Country” menu is recommended in Psiphon because this tool needs to check every single server automatically to connect to the fastest network. But you may also need to check something from a particular country.

This means that you can still choose your country as it is given in the instructions. Another feature of this tool- Psiphon is called “Logs.” This collects data from the application itself. You can find all the history on this page as other log file does. Psiphon is supported in several languages you can see in this app.

Use Psiphon to Unblock Websites on Android

For us to use Psiphon to unblock websites on your Android device, you must download this app first. Then, Open the application. An application permission request will appear, and you need to click “OK.” After that, click the “Start” button below.

You can click the “Open Browser” button if the VPN is active. There will be a first page that will be displayed after you click the “Open Browser” button. This is the site page that will detect your IP location. After that, you can now open the blocked website you want to open.

Use Psiphon to Unblock Websites on PC

Now let’s proceed with how to use Psiphon to let you open a blocked website on your PC. Download and open the Psiphon app for PC on your desktop. You don’t need to install this app to use this software. You can run Psiphon immediately.

Then select the location of the server that you desire to use. However, for a more stable and faster connection, You must choose the “Fastest Country” option. Click the “Connect” button. Usually, Psiphon will quickly activate the VPN service when you open this software. If you want to change this server to a specific country, You can directly choose this from the Combo Box. Turn off the app to open the blocked website if you are done using it.

You can use Psiphon for free, but its speed is limited. The maximum speed is 2MB per second only. To increase the speed limit of Psiphon, we suggest you subscribe to the Psiphon VPN service. Please note that the upgrade of the speed feature is currently available for mobile platforms only. And when you are using a free VPN, you shouldn’t make any financial transactions to prevent the theft of personal and financial data.


Psiphon is an app you can use to unblock blocked internet access or to make an internet bypass positively. However, this app is not advisable to use to open banned sites like adult and porn sites. To avoid theft of personal data or financial data, it is always a reminder that you must not use this free VPN software when you are doing any financial transactions on the same device you are planning to use Psiphon.

Have you ever tried using Psiphon? Share your experience so that we can get ideas on how to use and solve particular scenarios with the Psiphon app.


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