Useful Qualifications to Get Online During the Pandemic

Needless to say, the Coronavirus has set a new tone for life as we know it. There are but a few aspects of our daily routine that remained intact and the rest, well, the rest have suffered some major changes.

However, let’s not dwell too much on the things we miss and wish were different, but look ahead to new and exciting opportunities to explore. You might have to spend more time indoors than you’re comfortable with, but try to make great use of that time and invest it in a more profitable future for you once this whole ordeal is over.

The world has moved online and so has education. Thanks to very much welcomed technological advances, now you can acquire qualifications that would be a valuable asset to your resume solely online. Let us take a look and what online courses have been the most popular since the COVID-19 outbreak and how they can help you know more and earn more.

Business Language Training Courses

Online language learning has been popular for a while now, and the trend surged at the onset of the pandemic. There are hundreds of platforms you can join and start learning a language of your choice in a flexible, stress-free way.

However, expanding your language skills is extremely useful in the world of business as well. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or employed at a larger company, this type of skill set can get you up the career ladder.

Expert tutors are there to accommodate your every need at the time you find most suitable. This online personalized approach has won the hearts of many, and employees, as well as employers, have embraced this method as a means of communicating better with potential partners and customers, thus expanding business prospects.

Besides honing your skills in English and Spanish the two most widely spoken languages on the globe, think about where your market efforts are heading and learn that target language. A friendly welcome in your partner’s language will open many doors.

Online marketing courses

Marketing nowadays largely takes place online. Taking a marketing course enables you to both study and implement your acquired skills online. These courses have particularly been sought after the outbreak since the job opportunities in the online marketing niche have exploded.

Being such a vast field, it is highly advisable to narrow your preferences when marketing is concerned. If you are a complete beginner and feel you have a knack for it, start with a couple of general courses that will serve as an introduction to the whole field and all its opportunities. The more you learn, the easier it will be to narrow down what suits you best.

Perhaps you’ll find yourself in social media marketing, content and copywriting, SEO, HR management, etc. This might be the beginning of a whole new career for you and a valuable skillset that you would be able to apply to whatever you are currently doing. The certifications you’ll get will make that CV sparkle.

Online healthcare certifications

Medicine is a very wide field and does not always require a university education. If you’re aiming for a nursing job, babysitting, being a caretaker in a nursing home, or the like, an online course should be sufficient, a least to begin with. These courses have been perfected to such an extent that, upon completion, you can be sure of your newly acquired lifesaving skills.

Babysitters need to know CPR techniques and PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support Course), caretakers advanced lifesaving skills, and already registered nurses can even get recertified, apart from getting new certifications.

The pandemic has opened up many positions in the healthcare industry, and job opportunities are not lacking. Even if you are currently employed or have additional family obligations with family members at home, online medical courses are flexible and welcomed by all who appreciate studying at their own pace.

An SEO/link building course

SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is vital for the ranking and reputation of any business with an online presence. Once a good optimization is done, your website will rank on the first page of Google (preferably in the first three places as well) and therefore be the first choice of every seeker of your type of service. SEO is a very extensive field and does take a lot of research, studying and practice, but link building is a great place to start.

Link building is almost self-explanatory – you provide healthy connections to and from websites and therefore improve their position in Google’s eyes. A higher rank means more credibility and more credibility means more business.

In the beginning, link building is pretty straightforward, starting with email outreach and negotiations, only to expand into more complex but also exciting lengths and delve deeper into the secrets of SEO. Be in the business long enough, and who knows where this career path might take you.

Learn how to teach online

Have a well-developed skill that has brought you both profit and pleasure? Why not share it with the world? You can create captivating training courses and even do it on a budget. Again, several platforms can help you design a unique course that you can promote on the same or another platform of your choice.

They will help you get a better insight into what your target audience wants and needs and how they would like the material delivered (audio, video, written, animated, personal, etc.) You will be able to transfer your knowledge into a tangible digital form that others will find both useful and necessary. A few instructions on the content delivery, and you’ll be good to go.

The takeaway

No matter what your choice of course is, online education can be a cost-effective way to kick-start a new or boost an existing career. Take advantage of all the time you have on your hands and all the resources available, and use it to create a road to success and that irreplaceable sense of accomplishment.

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