Vapers Are More Likely To Quit Smoking, A Study Confirms

You’ve probably heard it before, but you’re just not sure if it’s the truth or not. Claims about vaping helping people quit smoking have been around for a while now but many smokers don’t think it’s true. For many people, it seems too easy that simply vaping can help you to quit smoking. If you’re not a believer that vaping can help smokers to quit smoking, read on to find out how.


What Is Vaping?

Before you can discover how vaping helps people to quit smoking, it’s important to understand what vaping is and the difference between vaping vs smoking. A ‘vape’ is an electronic device that simulates tobacco smoking. It has multiple different pieces to it like an atomizer, cartridge, and other mechanical functions that help to simulate the feel of tobacco, without the smoke. Typically, the heat from a vape is higher than the heat from any cigarette and therefore no harmful smoke is produced from the product. Smoke can damage lungs and other organs in the body, but since vaporizers don’t produce smoke then there’s not a need to worry about it damaging your body.


The benefits of vaping

Since vape is electrical, there is no combustion needed to light it, reducing the tar or ash associated with the product. Additionally, since the product is smoke-free, the health benefits are tremendous when compared to actual smoke. People who vape can expect better oral hygiene than those who smoke because there is no smoke damage being done to their gums. They can also expect their blood circulation, skin health, and lung capacity to be better than someone who smokes. These are all instant health benefits that can be achieved by vaping instead of smoking.

Another great health benefit vaping has over smoking is that you can control the nicotine intake of vape and you can’t do that with a cigarette. Vaping nicotine can be scaled down by the level of the e-juice used to power the device that you’re using. The e-juice that you need to fill up your vape can be purchased in a variety of different strengths and levels of nicotine. Many juices don’t have any nicotine in them at all. What some smokers can do to wind themselves down from smoking products high in nicotine is start with an e-juice that is high in nicotine and work their way down to a lower strength or none at all. This option is not available at all when it comes to smoking.

For people who vape, a wide variety of different tasty flavors are offered compared to the traditional flavors that cigarettes offer. Most vape flavors are fruit-inspired and some even have mint and other attractive tastes. One thing you can be certain of if you start vaping is that you will find a flavor that fits what you like. You might actually find multiple flavors that you find you like and can’t choose between. This can be compared to smoking where the flavors are limited and they definitely aren’t fruity flavored by any means. They are more harsh flavors like menthol which can be annoying to many people who don’t like the feel or taste of it.

Also, it doesn’t have any obnoxious smoke odor that you might smell from someone who smokes cigarettes. This odor can be repulsive to some people and vaping simply doesn’t have the same outcome because there is no smoke.


New Research Done

There is a study now confirming that vaping does help smokers to quit smoking. It was done by doctors at Harvard Medical School and confirms the case about vaping helping smokers to quit. It says that smokers who vape on a regular basis are much more likely to quit smoking than smokers who don’t vape regularly. The numbers behind this claim are high, saying 77% of people are more likely to quit smoking and not pick up a cigarette again after two years.

In the scientific community and medical community, there isn’t a better and more reliable resource than research done at Harvard. Harvard Medical School is one of the world leaders when it comes to research and medicine.

This research took a look at around 8,000 people who smoked to come to its conclusion that vaping does help people who smoke to stop smoking. This study also went on to say that ‘accidental quitting’ can be ruled out for smokers who switch to vaping for no reason at all. These accidental quitters typically start vaping while they were already a smoker and then start to choose vaping over smoking for no reason at all.

Every person who was looked at in this study was checked in on after one year and then two years and an in-depth look at their backgrounds and health histories were also done. This is so the research can be as unbiased and accurate as possible with no mistakes made.

This study adds to existing research that has been done over the years to prove that vaping does help smokers to quit smoking. The more that studies like this become available, the more informed both vapers and smokers can be with decisions about their health.

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