Vaping Rules in Casinos: What is Allowed in Portugal?

Once upon a time, casinos were smoke-filled rooms, reminding us of songs such as “smoke gets in your eyes”. The issue was so severe that poker tables were synonyms of huge cigars and the type of mist that would very likely cloud and steer any eyes away from a royal flush.

Times have changed. Whether you’re a smoker, vaper, or can’t find yourself linked to both designations, the casino environment is now, by principle. In this smoke-free area, the air is clear, and the excitement is still as vibrant as ever before.

But what about those that are into the modern tendency of vaping? Are casinos in Portugal a place to enjoy harmless vaporizing and gambling habits, or is that version of stress release and social interaction still frowned upon throughout the gambling room?

Martim Nabeiro (you can read more about the author and what he’s been up to lately right here) opens the door to Portugal’s best casinos to find out the truth and whether you’re allowed to vape inside a casino or if you have to step out the door.

Asking  Before Assuming

Rules can and usually change at a minute’s notice. Therefore, before assuming what you can and can’t do, the correct way to approach any casino smoking policy is to ask. There may be dedicated smoking areas in the premises where you can gamble and still indulge in one of your favorite habits. We’re thinking of VIP rooms and even well-ventilated areas that comply with the most recent legislation. Yet, there are no assurances as most Portuguese casinos advertise themselves as non-smoking buildings.

As a result, vaping shouldn’t find opposition in such terms, but regardless, a polite query goes a long way. The result will most likely see you pointed to a dedicated smoking area in the exterior.

Even though the issue will hardly arise when playing poker online Portugal from the comfort of your home, legislation about smoking in closed quarters in Portugal is rather strict, even though open to a few occasional exceptions.

Smoking in Portuguese Casinos

Exceptions do exist throughout Portuguese establishments, but when asking whether smoking is allowed in casinos, the result will be far from compelling. Smoking is currently not permitted in a casino, extending to electronic cigarettes, including those known as vapes.

This means that ultimately, you’ll have to remove yourself from the premises to get some fresh air or access what is known as “an aquarium”, available in certain places. If you’re vaping,  that shouldn’t pose an ideal solution, as regular smokers tend to use it in numbers, making the experience far from appealing.

European law turned any casino smoking policy into an impossibility. Whereas there were a few exceptions observed in the past where players could smoke whilst playing on certain building sections, those days are now gone.

All the best for online casinos, where players can not only indulge in whatever activity they prefer whilst playing but also make use of appealing promotions and bonuses at their disposal. Whether that’ll steer most away from a land-based casino is unlikely, but the odds are that you won’t find a non-smoking sign at your place if you’re into the habit.

Exceptions Turned Into Bans

The ban on smoke is ever-growing and reaching new heights. Recent laws in appreciation debate whether it’s acceptable to smoke near schools and cultural buildings, even if standing in the street. As a result, smokers feel their freedom thinning but often understand that passive smoke is an issue that they shouldn’t overlook.

The approach resembles that of some societies where smoking sees further restrictions, such as the case of the UK. With specific areas where smoking can take place and heavy fines for those that don’t comply, the reality for smokers nowadays seems to be less inviting overall.

In Portugal, however, a more relaxed take on smoking and its importance as a tax source still allow people to smoke in well-ventilated closed spaces that may include discos and restaurants. However, for those that vape, even though their habit differs substantially from regular tobacco, it still tends to face the very same limitations all around.

No Consensus as of Yet

Then, is smoking allowed in casinos today? Well, not in Portugal at the moment. However, in certain countries, the reality is quite different. Taking on any Hollywood casino smoking policy, there is a contrast between an early ban on smoking in public places that dates from 1995 and the fact that you can indeed smoke in a casino.

Smokers are limited to certain areas in the premises of the building. Still, it serves as a statement of power and influence over a rule that applies to all but sees a debatable exception.

Hollywood casino smoking policy differs from Las Vegas and dictates that people can smoke at the bar or casino grounds as long as these are defined as designated smoking areas. Again, rules can be bent, or they can change at a moment’s notice.

As for Portugal, an initial ban on smoke found a similar exception for casino and bingo rooms back in 2007. Eventually, European Union laws ensured that some level of compliance had to exist for health and safety reasons.

Should you find yourself walking towards the closest Portuguese casino anytime soon with a vape in your pocket, it’s best to be prepared to sit outside for some time whenever you need that smoking break.

Casinos and the vast majority of establishments categorize vapes and cigarettes in the same sense. When in doubt, the rule applies to all sorts and not to the alternative, ensuring the casino ground is a smoke-free environment that welcomes players of all sorts.

Whether that’s a deal-breaker for many or if the casino as an institution defends the approach is a whole different story for an entirely separate article. Ultimately, those that couldn’t care less about smoke feel more welcome for longer, while those that do find pleasure in smoking will have to make amends with the cool air outside.

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