Various Fashion Genres That You Need to Know About

The fashion industry is a huge hub of creativity with eternal boundaries. Ever since its origin, fashion has diversified with time and has introduced us to new trends. If you are a fashion maniac and want to extend your horizons by knowing different fashion styles, then you are in the right place! As we have listed down some of the most popular fashion genres which you can imbibe and implement in your day-to-day styling. At the end of every pointer, we have even given a pro-tip to nail the specific look.  So, let us begin with the list!


  1. Casual Look

The first in the list is the simplest of all, a casual look! An “easy-to-do” outfit is what you will prefer when hoping for a casual movie day out with your girl gang. Well, jeans and tees can be your partner from attending college on weekdays to parties at weekend. All you need to do is just smartly quirk it up according to the event.

Pro -Tip: Throw the heels on to add a style statement and make your casual look bossy & sassy.


  1. Bohemian Look

Fashion is a way of personifying your mood of the day. And hence, adhering to this statement, a bohemian look is going to be your cup of tea if you are an unconventional and artistic person. A bohemian trend consists of artsy imprints, tunics, silver or wood jewelry, gladiators, etc. This fashion thesis is inspired by the existence of tribal lives.

Pro – Tip: Pair a white shirt and tribal motif skirt with your favorite pair of jhumka earrings to create an Indo-western look.


  1. Preppy Look

Inspired by the mid-twentieth fashion trends, the preppy look has marked its presence even in the famous series, “Gossip Girls”. This classic and clean-cut fashion is all about maintaining a sophisticated wardrobe. Checkered prints, blazers, plaid skirts, and polka dots are some of the essential elements of the preppy look which you can consider by mixing and matching in your daily life.

Pro – Tip: Be smart and level up your fashion game by putting the layers on.


  1. Grunge Look

Have you heard of a fashion style inspired by the music genre, maybe not? But, yes there it is, a “grunge look”! This trend made its debut in the early 90s when the grunge bands like Nirvana gained popularity across the world. Tellingly, this look includes combat boots, ripped jeans, plaid flannel shirts, wide-legged jeans, etc. So, amalgamate your love for fashion and pop-culture by creating a grunge look!

Pro – Tip: Wearing antithetical clothing is what makes the legit “grunge look”.


  1. Romantic Look

You can also adorn the very famous romantic look by mish mashing different colors that will look beautiful when worn together. So, you can try blending in different prints together and try making the outfit.

Pro – Tip: Try wearing different prints at the same time which looks beautiful.

As of now, you must have got an overview of some of the famous fashion trends. But if the bohemian look is what impressed you the most, then you should buy bohemian accessories such as rings, necklaces, and earrings online to accentuate the whole look. So, just rearrange your wardrobe by introducing new styles to it!

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