Various Ways by Which You Can Check How Safe is Your Neighborhood

Everybody likes to relocate to a new place.  Every year, hundreds and thousands of people use moving cost calculator on iMoving to find out the cost of the relocation and plan a move accordingly. The facilities offered by the new place might allure you but then that’s not enough.  You should simply not get fascinated by the amazing lifestyle or the recreational activities but you should check on other aspects too.

One out of those in the neighborhood where you are going to stay. You need to ensure the neighborhood you choose is lively and has a safe atmosphere.

For instance, if you plan to shift to a new place and their living cost is low but on the other side, the crime rate is more then you can’t stay there. That won’t be safe for your family and can result in problems at later stages. So, in that case, there is a need to check about the society or the area you are going to live so mentioned below are certain apps or processes by which you can check about the neighborhood.

Get in touch with the family watchdog to keep your family safe and protected

Family Watchdog is an amazing website that provides you with facilities to know about registered sex offenders. This website is free of cost and you can easily check about this kind of crime.  It is vital to look into this aspect to make your loved ones aware of the happenings around them.

Watchdog is one source that will notify you when a new offender comes into your area. However, for these kinds of notifications, you need to sign up to receive alerts. When you will put up your location in the search box the site will show you a map that will pinpoint the address of the offenders who are nearby to you. Thus this site is a great source to know about this kind of crime in your surroundings.

National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW)

Just like Watchdog, NSOWP is another source where you can get details about the sexual misconduct committed by the people. You can use this source for collecting information about the people present near your home. In this, there are several search options. You can know about the people by putting up their names, addresses, or postal code. This app is free of cost and can be accessed via phone as well.

Neighborhood Scout

This site is one mindful source via which you can get data about lawbreaking statistics. It provides details about the whole USA and 90 percent of the information is correct in it. It is one source by which you can know about the city which is there with low crime rates plus it would give you a warning about the various kinds of crimes which are usually there in your area so that you can plan moving out of your house accordingly.

It has data specialized as per different places. From more than 18000 agencies the data is gathered by this site and then put up.

To get updates you need to subscribe to the website. The basic things that it will tell are the number of violent felonies occurring every year, comparing the charts of different places in regard to violent and property-related crimes, the number of offenses taking place per square mile, etc. Thus this site is a knowledge hub to understand the locality you want to stay in.


When you are looking for a new place to move in then don’t miss out on AreaVibes. It is an easy tool by which you can gather information about the livability score of a particular place. It won’t just take into the criminal rate of the city but it would also explain the cost of living over there, schools present, and markets available.

To utilize this app, you just need to put up the address or the postal code and then the app will provide you with details. You can also customize the app with the information you want to get. With this app, you can easily find the place of your choice no matter what without any hassle.

Thus it is vital to understand the details of the neighborhood you are going to stay in.  There are several times when we might think that place is good but then certain times things are just the opposite. So, when you have prepared your mind to make a move don’t simply opt for the place in hassle rather spend some time and understand the place.

Go for complete extensive research where you look out into each aspect that is related to you or your family. You cannot keep relocating all the time as moving costs are high plus it would waste your energy and time. So it is better that one must know everything beforehand than plan for a move to have a great time with your family.

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