Which Vegetables Are Rich In Proteins?

Proteins are such an important part of the nutrient intake of a body, that they just can’t be neglected. In fact it needs extra attention considering the limited options in protein filled food items in a vegetarian diet!

If you are a vegetarian, then you have to agree that not many vegetables provide you with the necessary protein intake. Hence it calls for the need of the other sources of proteins such as dairy products, pulses and fruits. That is why, whatever your diet may be, you need to find the right foods rich in proteins that you can consume to provide you with the required protein intake.

Proteins in Vegetables:

There are not many vegetables that adequately provide proteins to the human body, we have already established that. Hence to get to know whether your vegetarian or vegetable diet is providing you the necessary proteins to your body, you need to know which vegetable provide proteins and in how much quantity. Only after this is known, you can prepare a balanced diet chart.

A list of high protein vegetables is given below. You can add them in your regular meals for good health:

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Pick Your Choice of Food Rich in Proteins – Vegetables Rich in Proteins:

1. Green leafy vegetables and tubers:

Vegetables like spinach, asparagus, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, celery, carrots etc. can be used for supplementing proteins in the body. They are not as rich in proteins as compared to the non-vegetarian varieties of beef, eggs and fishes but are a useful and much needed source if you are a vegetarian.

  • Asparagus contains about 3 grams of proteins per serving.
  • Even cauliflower and artichokes provide the same amounts when it can be used effectively in dishes and in soups.
  • Watercress and sweet corn are other vegetables that surprisingly are eaten well and are also rich in proteins.
  • Some of the side dishes such as sprouts and broccoli are also good sources of proteins and must be added to your diet too.

There are also some added advantages to proteins obtained from plants instead of animal life. Plant protein has lesser fat content and is also high in fiber content. All this gives the vegetarian diet a complete balanced intake as compared to the non-vegetarian counterpart.

2. Legumes:

Peas, nuts and beans are also rich sources of proteins in vegetable diets.

3. Soy milk and dairy products:

Another rich source of proteins is soy, which is available in the form of beans, chips, milk, puddings etc. and is affordable and tasty to eat.

These vegetable varieties are the only source of proteins that vegetarians have in the list of vegetables. Make the most of these vegetables that provide proteins and do not require you to depend on other sources. You must consider the protein intake of your body and then chart out the required quantity of any of these vegetables and/or a few of them in combination! Stay healthy!

I hope this article on list of foods rich in proteins helps you modify your diet for better health.

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