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Life is the way it is supposed to be. At times, it may feel like you are fighting against the world, but all those struggles will pass, and you will feel like yourself. While some people love solitude, others love to be surrounded by people. We are all different, yet we are all the same because, at the end of the day, we all need someone with whom we will share things that happened. You do not need to believe in fairytales in order to find true love, the right person will come when you become ready to actually share your deepest emotions.

If you are lucky that you have found each other, and you enjoy every second spent together, we believe that is it time to get married. Smoked Garage is the name of the venue that offers three different areas that offer different vibes. What does this mean, and when would be the perfect time to actually make the appointment and see the venue? Well, the demand is massive, and as soon as you get in touch with the manager of the place, the manager will tell you more about free dates. This information can change within several days, so make sure that you are ready to come when they call you.

The first venue carries the name Rooftop, and this is a wide room with an open ceiling that reflects the starry sky in the nighttime. We will decorate the space according to your preferences, and this venue is perfect for those couples who want to have a themed wedding. For instance, you can pick medieval ages as a theme, where the bride wears a burgundy-colored wedding dress and the groom wears a nice coat with a tailcoat with a hat! It will be magical.


The second venue is actually our Main stage, which resembles luxurious restaurants. This restaurant offers a more versatile sitting schedule, and it is perfect if you invite guests of different age groups. So, you can have a table for kids, a table for teenagers, a table for adults, and many other tables designated for certain groups of guests as well! This place is perfect for couples who want to have an interesting wedding, without having to spend too much time decorating the place. This area is perfect for dancing, and simply spending quality time with your guests.

The third venue is often used in case you want to completely customize your request. This means that we will give you a room and then you can do whatever you want. You can bring your own decoration, your own band, catering team, and other things. This space is amazing if you are throwing a small wedding.

In conclusion, it all comes to the availability of the place. You will be amazed by the appearance of all these venues, the question really is โ€“ will they be available? We recommend hiring a wedding planner who will write down all your wishes and then he or she will try to fulfill it. And we bet you will fall in love with this offer.

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