Vero Beach: An Unparalleled Relaxation Spot for Women Traveling Alone

You can find Vero Beach in Indian River County, Florida. It is the county’s seat. It’s Indian River County’s second-largest city.

Vero Beach doesn’t get tourist attention like Miami or Orlando. There’s still plenty you might do there, though. As a woman traveling alone, you may like the activities this area offers. We’ll discuss some right now.

Why Travel Alone?

Vero Beach offers a truly unparalleled environment for relaxation, and solo female travelers should appreciate that. Why travel alone, though?

Maybe you’re single and want a solo trip to relax and recharge your batteries. Perhaps you just divorced someone or concluded a relationship. Maybe you need time to reflect and consider where you’re going.

Perhaps you left one career, and you’re thinking about starting another. Maybe you just retired, and you’re wondering what’s next for you. Possibly a relative just died, and you need some head-clearing time on your own.

Whatever the case, Vero Beach offers spectacular options, so let’s go over some of the better ones.

Visit the Beaches

In Florida, the beaches beckon, and Vero Beach has some particularly nice ones. Round Island Beach Park should get your attention, as you can walk through the park and find some lovely, shady trees on hot days. You can stroll along the boardwalk and enjoy the breeze off the Atlantic.

You might spot manatees in the water. They love the Vero Beach area. You can see many wild birds, like the majestic osprey and other fishing birds.

South Beach Park is another proven winner. You can walk barefoot in the white sand, and the turquoise water glitters and dazzles the eye on clear days. You can swim if you like. You often see lifeguards on duty if you’re not the strongest swimmer. You can also just wade without going out too far.

Eat and Drink

Vero Beach also features some excellent restaurants and bars. Maybe you’re thinking about lunch after your swim or stroll along the shore. The Walking Tree Brewery is one of the better spots around.

This brewery has more than 25 craft beers you can sample. You will often find a food truck onsite as well. You can enjoy a sandwich and sip one of the seasonal IPAs or one of the other selections.

The Ocean Grill is also worth a try. It’s a higher-end establishment, so bring your wallet. The Florida black grouper with Cajun spices is one of the best seafood options, though the broiled Maine lobster tails are also worthwhile. A jumbo lump crabcake might work for you instead.


Vero Beach offers fishing experiences, and you might try your angling skills. You can take a charter boat out on the water for the day. You can go with other anglers or rent a boat all for yourself.

The Vero Beach Inshore Fishing Charters experience should appeal. The captain can show you some local fishing spots where you’ll find black drums, tarpon, flounder, snook, and many more. The trout grow huge in the area, and maybe you’ll land a monster you can showcase on all your social media accounts.

Surfing and Bike Tours

You can also try surfing. You can take some private lessons. If you already know how you can rent a board and tackle the waves. You might end the day exhausted but happy.

Bike tours also attract many tourists to the Vero Beach area. The boardwalk goes on for miles, and you can find bike trails everywhere. You can discover quaint little souvenir shops and get some discounted Florida merchandise. A shot glass or T-shirt can remind you that you took a fun solo trip.

Visit the Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge

Vero Beach has some conservation efforts that protect local wildlife, and you can learn about that at the Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge.

This attraction features wetlands that receive federal protection. It’s an island in the Little River Lagoon.

5,400 acres surround it, and no developer can touch them. There, wild pelicans wheel and dive, and you can watch them. They’re a breathtaking sight.

In the spring, you can also see wood storks and great egrets. Summer provides many more wildlife-watching opportunities, though.

You can spot snakes, including black racers and coachwhips. You might see gopher tortoises and palm warblers as well.

Vero Beach has much you might enjoy, and you’ll make some treasured memories there. Remember to take pictures so you can look back on this time fondly.

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