Very Crucial Points To Know Before Building Granny Flat Blacktown

If you want to extend your house, then granny flats are the best idea. You can get a granny flat built in your backyard area and use the rooms as your guest room, storeroom, and for some recreational activity. You have to get permission from the local Municipal authority and build granny flats on the residential plot and install fences to cover the area.

Your grandparents may feel lonely in your home and if you shift them to an old age home then they will miss their family also. So to accommodate them in your home Granny Flat Solutions can make a separate granny flat Blacktown for them.

Major Things To Know Before Building A Granny Flat

  •     Take The Measurement Of Your Backyard. If you want to build granny flats in your backyard area, then you should measure the same area. Measure the areas with boundaries, trees, pools, and gardens, and then sketch down a design for the granny flat. It is a complex process. You can hire a granny flat contractor for the same. They will measure the area and sketch the blueprint of your granny flats.
  •     Get Permission From The Local Council. There are separate buildings and planning regulations implemented by the local Council or Municipal authority. Before you build the granny flats, get permission from the building department of the council. In this case, you can visit the Council directly and discuss the same with the building and planning department. 

The council can charge an additional amount to sanction your building plan and if your property is a heritage property or if your home is situated near the Heritage property, then the planning department may not grant your building plan. But you need not take any town planning permission and it is better to talk with the contractor for the same as most of the building contractors provide this service free of cost. They can assist you in getting the required permission from the council within a short time.

  •     Hire The Contractor. You should hire the best contractor to get the granny flat constructed. Before that, you need to sketch down your requirements such as the number of rooms required, layout, design, and the number of floors of the flats. If you want to design a granny flat with a simple design and layout then it may charge you less but if you want to build a two or three-story separate house, as a granny flat then you need to spend more. 

If you need any financial help then you can contact the bank or some private lenders to finance the granny flats. Apart from that, you can choose the granny flat kits to save the cost. When you hire the contractor, they may provide you with a written estimate of the granny flats, and that must include the building permit charges or warranty fees, Home Insurance, installation, and materials, and also the labor charges.

Why Would You Build Granny Flats?

Granny flats are ideal for elder family members and young adults as they can avail their separate rooms with their own privacy inside this flat. Apart from that, you can use it as your cabin or office. You can just rent out this flat at an economical rate and recover your investment within two to five years. These flats increase the value of your property.

So search the best contractor online for your granny flats and hire them after checking their insurance, license, and certification.

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