Video Content to Elevate Your Small Business

In this day and age, having video content as part of your creative strategy is a must! No matter the size of your business, a catching video will always lure consumers in. The modern customer is affected more by visuals than text. This means you can create powerful video messages which can be associated with your brand.

Just think about the advertisements you see during Christmas time for all the brands! Videos can tell a story and some brands do it so well! Videos that build brand awareness and convert sales are the ones that engage with consumers on an emotional level.

Videos elevate your business because honestly, the brain can process more information coming from videos and visuals than just text. If you want to engage with consumers on a personal level, offer a live stream session, where you can allow them to engage with your business and other customers via comments.

Live streaming on social media sites is very popular, but you need to know what content you should include in the videos.

Some of the most engaging video content that can help build brand awareness are the following:

  • Behind-the-scenes video
  • Q; A videos
  • Product demonstration
  • Product reveal



You can tell your business story via video. People love watching behind-the-scenes videos of companies. It allows them to see what happens behind the door, not just what they see in front of them!

Q; A Videos

If you get a lot of questions from your customers, this is a good way to answer them. You can create a short video showing the questions and answering them on camera, or host a live Q; A session, and answer questions there and then as they come in.


Product Demonstration

If you have a product/service which you can demonstrate, then do it! It is an easy way to engage customers. If the demo is good, your brand will be more liked by the viewers.

Do you have a blender? Demonstrate how easy it is to use! Do you offer courses? Create a video about how to use your platform, so people can see your services before using them. This can build trust!

No matter your product or service, a video is always a good way to talk about your products and services!

Product Reveal

Have you just developed a new product or service? Instead of announcing it by writing a whole paragraph about it, why not create a video? This way customers can see what you have come up with and they can see it before committing to it.


How can video content help my business?

Visual aids are more engaging than text. The majority of businesses using video content as part of their creative strategy feel that their customer engagement has increased. Videos are appealing. If the right message is delivered, and you use the right imagery in the video, it can make a big impact on your brand awareness!

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