The Guide To Choosing A Video Marketing Software That Supports Your Business Requirements

Video marketing has come a long way since Bulova Watches displayed its first TV ad way back in 1941. Right from day one, advertisers realized the immense potential of video ads, the revenue from which can far surpass even the best of advertising mediums, like print ads, leaflets, and door-to-door marketing.

Fast forward to 2020, and we have a world that is dominated and ruled by videos. Videos are everywhere. They are on TVs, mobile phones, tablets, and almost any other electronic gadget that supports video formats.

If Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing Survey is anything to go by, nearly 85% of businesses use video marketing to enhance the reach of their marketing campaigns. In 2016, the figure was a dismal 61%. What’s more, 92% of businesses who use video marketing as a tool go on paper saying that it’s one of the most important elements of their overall marketing strategy.

That being said, the who’s who of businesses who have an active and time-tested video marketing strategy knows the importance of video marketing software.

The best part of video marketing software is that it allows you to properly deploy a video marketing blaster, which plays a paramount role in deciding the success of your video marketing campaigns.

However, an issue that perplexes even the best of marketers is how they should select a video marketing software that is as responsive as they are to the needs of their business.

Choosing A Video Marketing Software

If this resonates with you, then worry no more. Grab a cozy seat and go through this article, as we give you a step-by-step guide to the things you should know while choosing the best video marketing software.

Which Marketing Video Type Do You Need?

Before we delve deep into understanding the features that make software worth its value, you should consider which type of video suits your business requirements the best.

Generally, businesses with an active video marketing plan rely on one or all of the following video marketing types. Let’s check the ones that are the most popular.

1. Demonstration Videos

Demonstration videos simplify the process it plans to take up. Whether you want to show the way to change the purifying cartridge in a water filter or scan a property to buy, demo videos can be the best way to go about it.

2. Branding Videos

Branding videos are bang-on target videos that have a single aim – to promote the business. It typically shows everything that customers want to see as being associated with a brand.

3. Event Videos

Event videos popularize any event that takes place within your business. Event videos work on the bigger, the better formula. The higher grandeur it has, the more eye-catching it will seem.

4. Educational Videos

Educational videos are a foolproof way to win the customers’ hearts. As they would appreciate your effort to simplify complex processes for them, you can expect them to return the favor by turning into your loyal customer.

5. Animated Videos

Animated videos are a favorite with audiences of all ages and preferences. They also provide you with amazing flexibility to take up seemingly complex issues in a relatively light-hearted manner.

6. Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos move around customers and their success stories. These videos make your business look credible and increase your brand value.

7. Live Videos

Once you have established a reputation for yourself, you can go live. Live videos engage viewers more than conventional videos. As a rule, take up topics that would evoke maximum reactions and motivate the audience to ask questions, as more questions mean more engagement.

Once you figure out the purpose of acquiring video marketing software, the task of filtering the best from a pool of software will become an easy affair.

What Features Should You Expect in a Video Marketing Software?

For the past few years, video marketing software has seen more upgrades than ever before. As businesses realize the secret power of video marketing, they need software that factors in their fast-changing requirements.

Following are a few features you should expect from video marketing software in 2020.

1. Customizable Buttons

Customizable buttons like play/pause, embedded CTA-prompt, and other interactive buttons allow you to grab the attention of the viewers instantly. Look around and identify the nature of your audience and pick the color and style that would attract them. Pick a software that allows you to do that.

2. Logo

The logo is a key element that defines your brand identity and gives your customers a reason to align with your brand. Any industry-ready software would allow you the option to include your brand’s logo anywhere in the video. You may even go one step ahead to check whether the software provides you with the option to create your logo, in case you haven’t already done so.

3. Compatible

A video is of no use if you cannot share it as an email or share it on social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. The best software would allow you to create shareable videos that can save you from the trouble of creating and compressing your videos.

4. Video Hosting

A few ultra-modern software redefines convenience by giving you free or cheap access to video hosting services. They even offer bandwidth management services to their users. Check whether your software offers this facility or not.

5. Lead Magnet

Gone are the days when a viewer had to click on an external link after watching the entire video to give feedback. The best software allows the viewers the facility to enter their email ids, attend polls, and provide feedback, all from within the video.

6. Conversion Analytics

Getting viewers to view your videos is one thing; knowing how many from them get converted into customers is difficult. Not anymore, as most ultra-modern software would automatically calculate the outcome of your marketing plan and send you reports. This feature can ease your life as a video marketer.

Why Should You Go For SaaS?

SaaS means Software as a Service. It is a cloud-based platform that simplifies the process of video creation by making it remotely accessible.

As businesses do not need complex machines to create an awesome video marketing campaign, they lap up this cheap, yet best option to take help from SaaS vendors to create scalable videos.


Video marketing software can ease your job of creating, editing, and publicizing. Keeping an eye on the latest technologies can help you pick the right one that supports your business requirements.

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