The Latest Video Marketing Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2020

Are you a digital marketer who uses videos to spread brand awareness? Here are the latest video marketing trends that will be everywhere in 2020.

Are you wondering what the top video marketing trends are for the new year? If so, we are here to help by giving you the hottest trends that you should be following to get the most exposure for your ads. Keep reading below to learn what trends are rising this year so you can get the most out of marketing.

Super Short Ads are on the Rise

Back in 2016, Google made super short video ads trendy. They did so with the launch of YouTube’s 6-second ads known as bumper ads.

This trend was created not with short attention spans in mind but to adapt to the trend of mobile videos. This trend isn’t going anywhere soon and it’s predicted to be a constant trend in the future.

The goal of your super short ad is to capture the viewer’s attention in just a few short seconds. You will want to leave a big enough impression so the viewer clicks on your ad and buys your product or service. If you’re having trouble with your super-short ads then you should consider getting some help from a YouTube advertising agency.

Long-form video Content is Becoming Very Popular

Even though this might sound like a contradiction to the trend above, it’s not. There’s a difference between video advertising and video content marketing, and to be successful in 2020 you need to know the difference between the two.

A video ad is created to capture the viewer’s attention and to deliver a quick message. Whereas video content marketing strives to provide value to the target audience.

Video content marketing will give viewers this value by being informative, entertaining, or even both. They will be doing this while organically tying into the company’s product or business. This value will be what makes viewers stay to watch the 3 to 5-minute long video because they are interested in what you have to say.

Some ideas for these longer videos are doing product reviews and walk-throughs or even sending a box to an online influencer to do the groundwork. A video that has artistic integrity that captures attention and ties into the brand or product is also a great idea.

Verticle Videos are Still Hot When it Comes to Marketing

Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook introduced the trend of vertical videos, and it looks like this trend is here to stay and even grow. This is because social media platforms such as Instagram are still growing, so the use of stories and vertical videos is too.

With Instagram’s introduction of the IGTV feature, they made users post long vertical videos for followers to view. This means you can create connections with followers and even show long-form videos on your page to get the attention of potential customers.

There is a Rise in Instagram and Facebook Video Ads

If you’ve used either Instagram or Facebook you’ll have noticed that video ads have been integrated into and between more videos than a year or two ago. Since these platforms are great at integrating ads and putting them in front of their millions upon millions of users, you should know that there’s no downside to hopping on this trend.

When you use Instagram and Facebook ads you’re having your ad placed in front of hundreds of potential customers without lifting a finger. These platforms are the easiest ways to market and the best part is that you set demographics on who you want to market to.

SEO is Still on the Rise

SEO has been an important aspect of marketing for years. As time goes on, SEO proves to be just as important, if not more, as it was in the past.

Making your website SEO makes it easy for potential customers to find you. This is because when they enter keywords into a search engine your page will pop up. The more SEO your site is, the more likely you’ll be on the front page of search results which means more exposure.

Videos You Can Shop Through are Going to be an Amazing Way to Land Sales

There is a trend that’s picking up known as shoppable videos. These videos will feature links directly to the product they are advertising. This makes it easy to lead the viewer to the product page and land that impulse buy.

As of now the most effective platforms to post your shoppable videos are on Snapchat and Instagram since they are great for giving product demonstrations and walk-throughs. Even though these may seem like just social media videos, shoppable videos are expected to become more advanced and sophisticated.

360 Video Will be Trending

We talked about vertical videos, but they aren’t the only video format that will be trending, 360 videos will be too. Filming 360 videos is more laborious than filming vertical videos. You will need the right camera and equipment to do so.

If you want to invest in this equipment or already have then you can start hopping onto this interactive video marketing trend. These videos give the viewer an immersive experience that’s interactive and futuristic.

Now You Know About Some of the Rising Video Marketing Trends

We have given you a detailed guide on the rising video marketing trends of 2020. From futuristic 360 videos to knowing the difference between short and long video content, you will be sure to hop onto the hottest video marketing trends of the year and get a rise in exposure. For more news and information be sure to check out the rest of our website.

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