VPS Hosting VS Dedicated Server: Which is Better for Your Business?

Your business is one of the essential things in your life, and you should always pick the best option available to supplement it. The issue with this process is a lack of information on what exactly is the best choice according to quality, utility, and price.

When it comes to picking a server type for a commercial website, more often than not, the final decision rests between either a Virtual Private Server or a Dedicated Server. Both models have their faults and virtues, which we will be discussing in this article, alongside determining which might suit your business better than the other.

Before we get into the question of which is better, we first need to establish the key differences between these two server types.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

A VPS Hosting server is a private server based on a virtual machine. It is very similar to a dedicated server as it represents a shared hosting environment, as it’s both shared and dedicated hosting. It’s a private network within a more extensive network, without all the hassles of complicated administration, security, and price.

It’s one of the several types of web hosting and is gaining popularity within a smaller business operation. It requires you to pick from various kinds of web hosting accounts, as to host your website. To have a website, you need to have a server to upload them to.

These pieces of information can include anything, depending strictly on your business operation. Uploading your data to a web server is going to make it available on your website.

Setting up a server for yourself can be a real nightmare, as it comes with a lot of difficulties, expenses, and necessary machinery. Purchasing from a web hosting service in the form of a VPS allows you to have the same thing. In particular, web host Greengeeks offers several VPS options for beginners at While there are other options, this may be your easiest choice if you’re starting on your first commercial website.

Still, instead of owning a lot of sophisticated machinery and an actual server, you’re renting a spot on a provider’s server. It requires no setup, significantly cutting down on complexion and costs. In a lot of ways, a VPS hosting server is very similar to a dedicated server, with only a fraction of the cost.


  • Significantly Lower Costs
  • No Setup Required
  • Proper Privacy and Control Options
  • Full Customization Capability


  • Not Ideal for High-Traffic Websites
  • No total control option
  • Pricier than Shared Servers

Dedicated Server

Unlike a VPS hosting option, a dedicated server is the same as an in-house server. It’s entirely in-house, which means that all ownership, management, and control issues are provided at the premises. This type of server is far superior to VPS servers in a couple of ways but also comes with some significant drawbacks.

Unlike VPS servers, Dedicated servers can entirely bear the burden of a high traffic website, and they’re totally under the control of the company that owns them. Remotely connecting to the dedicated server is simple, and allows you to control and manage every single aspect of it.

It’s ideal for application/service/data hosting services and is generally far more complicated compared to VPS Hosting. This complexity and power come at a price, though, as Dedicated servers are far more expensive compared to VPS and Shared hosting options. They’re a very significant investment, which automatically makes them less than ideal for smaller businesses.

Since you’re technically in ownership of the hardware on which the dedicated server operates, that adds more costs of maintenance. The service provider will handle the actual support, but it adds a significant bump to the price.


  • Still relatively simple to use
  • Complete and Absolute Control
  • Ownership
  • Ideal for High-Traffic Websites
  • Superb Safety, Reliability, and Performance


  • Very costly
  • No Physical Access to the Server
  • Lack of Free Scripts, Additional Features, or Automatic Software Installation

Which Is Better and Why?

This answer depends on the type of business you’re running and your knowledge on the basis. If you’re running a relatively small business and aren’t too keen on programming, or software installation, and your pocket isn’t too deep, VPS Hosting or Shared Servers are your best bet. It provides superior cost-effectiveness, suitable customization, and less technical know-how.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for complete control and ownership of a server for a high traffic website, a Dedicated Server might be a better option. It provides superior data safety, server reliability, and performance.


Both hosting server models are a good thing if you consider all of their pros and cons. Depending on your needs and capabilities, you should get a suitable type. We hope we’ve provided you with sufficient information to make an educated, rational decision on the matter.

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