Want to Plan a Hassle Free Cremation? Here’s How

It’s never easy to lose a loved one or to even make plans for what comes next. This also applies to when you have to make decisions for your own process after you have passed. It can be a dark and heavy time, and this is why we’re providing a guide that will help you get through it a lot faster. 

There are a couple of factors that you need to make sure that you take care of so that you can get through this without worrying about if you’ve got everything done correctly. If you opt to go down the cremation route, then read on to understand what is needed for a hassle-free cremation.


The first thing you will need to do is decide on what kind of urn you would like to use. This decision comes along with what kind of burial as well. So to save you the hassle, you can either have a look at the variety available of cremation urns online or you can consult with the crematorium or the funeral home to help guide you on what to pick. There are actually a couple of options that you may want to consider when picking the urn, and these include whether you’d like for there to be an inscription written on it, how many you’d like in case you’d like to share the ashes with several family members, and there are even environmentally friendly options which you might like to look into as well. These urns are actually biodegradable and there are urns available now that even grow into trees. In this case, you need to also consider where would be a good place to have a tree grown without the risk of disturbance. This is a beautiful urn and it serves a higher purpose where you’ll be giving back to nature and giving your loved one eternal life in a manner.


You will need to make sure that regardless of whether you plan to have a funeral service or not, you need to make arrangements for having your loved one transported to the crematorium. Many funeral homes and crematoriums actually provide this service themselves so you won’t have to think too much about how to get this done, you just have to ensure that you arrange the correct timings so that it all goes according to the funeral plans you have in mind.


Many people like to go forward with the traditional burial processes, even though they are still creating. In this event, then you will want to contact a funeral service to organize a casket if you would like to organize a service with it at a set location such as your home or the church before cremation. You will also have to decide on where you would like to have the ashes buried, and what kind of burial you would like to have in terms of presentation at the cemetery. You can have a tombstone made as with traditional burials, or you can even have a mausoleum for the burial. There are many cases where families prefer to have their own mausoleum. In this event, you need to get the family together and discuss if this is what you would like to do, because if so, then you need to make prior arrangements to make sure that it is all ready on time. 



If you have chosen to keep the ashes yourself, and perhaps share them with a couple of family members, then this part of the planning is one that you certainly can take your time with in terms of deciding where you want to have the ashes of your loved one scattered. This could be something personal between you and them, and if it comes to it, you can also choose to keep the urn close to you until you feel ready to scatter them at all. Many people love to scatter the ashes into a body of water, like by the river or the sea, while others like to scatter ashes in several places, perhaps where they had their most precious memories. And still, others choose to keep the urns with them in their homes or as they travel so that they feel that they are still close to one another. 

Planning a cremation is not a hectic process, as long as you have the checklist provided in mind and to help guide you in preparing these components, you will not have to stress over any of it any longer. It’s always good to know what kinds of options you have in terms of burial as well, so make sure that you are made up in your decision on how you want to go about it. The great thing about cremation is that you can go any which way you like- you don’t have to have a burial at all or even a service beforehand if you don’t feel like you can handle it.

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