Warpath: The Next Best War Game

Have you ever played a game that got you hooked for days and you can’t stop playing it?

Warpath was that game for me.

Released this November this game is focused on World War 2. It is packed with history and an amazing storyline that will keep you engaged throughout the game. Which is presented through amazing graphics with detailed landscapes and attractive characters. It also has new content that you probably didn’t play before in any other game.

But it’s not a perfect game either. There are some factors and aspects to it that you may not like based on your personal preference.

And if you’re a player who never tried this game before you might be a bit skeptical on whether you should try it out or not. This is why to help you save your time I thoroughly went through the game to help you make up your mind.

So if you want to know what I thought of warpath, then keep on reading.

Let’s get started.

How it works

Set in an alternative history of World War Two warpath requires you to achieve several goals to reach every level.

Your main goal is to strengthen your army and unit to fight against the evil and tyrannical Raven faction and free the world. To be victorious you need to train your army and make it powerful by buying new weapons.

For infantry and armor, you can also recruit powerful officers in your support. Who will then help you win during battles These expert leaders help you bring special abilities and dynamic tactical advantages into Warpath’s real-time battles.

The more you level up and conquer more cities the map becomes more detailed and lets you see important buildings and architecture. However, the smart AI also allows players to enjoy and play the game without micro-managing everything on the battlefield.

Core features

Just like any other game warpath too has its features that set it apart from other games of its kind. You might already assume a basic layout of how the game might be from the name and the trailer. But there’s more to this game than those basic features.

After going through the game and trying it out first hand here are some of the core features that I observed from the game.

1. Storyline

The first thing that you will observe from this game is its amazing storyline which is based on World War Two.

The storyline is packed with history that lets you first-hand experience historical moments during World War Two. However, the game follows an alternative history. Meaning, that not everything is accurate according to the actual World War two.

But you can part take in historical moments such as the iconic battle of Moscow. It also includes historically authentic land and air units. As well as the dynamically changing map of the world.

2. Graphics

The graphics used in this game isn’t one to disappoint. Warpath features detailed landscapes and attractive characters that will keep you hooked.

I don’t know about you but to me, graphics are important criteria to judge a game. So when I saw the graphics used in warpath I was satisfied.

Be it trees or mountains the landscape in this game is detailed and pleasing to look at. It also supports the right sound effects that bring it together. When it comes to characters, they didn’t hold themselves back. When you see characters like General Eisenhower and Adjudant Percy you will clearly understand what I meant.

But to me, the best graphic in the game was the transaction from the world map to a designated city. Which takes you through the clouds to a top view of the city.

3. Playing platform

Warpath is currently a smartphone game only. You can play it both on iOS and Android.

It is compatible with any iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android device. It is yet to be adaptable on PC.  However, if you still want to play it on a big screen you can download Bluestacks to play it on your PC.

4. Use of Strategy

If you are someone who loves strategy-based games, then look no further. Warpath is the game for you.

Warpath is a strategy based game. But what makes it different from any other strategy game is the real-time reference based on our history of World War Two. It makes you feel like you are an actual strategist during that time.

But the use of strategy isn’t just limited to you setting up your troops in the right spot. It extends to upgrading your barracks, building bridges where necessary, bringing in supplies, and much more.

What do I think

Now that you know how the game works and the core features of warpath I’m guessing you have a summarised idea about this game.

Now here’s what I think about this game.

Although the core concept and mechanism of the game isn’t completely new I believe some of the content is new to the table. Like the concept of World 2, using real-time maps and locations, historical battles, soldiers, and use of proper strategy.

Which makes this game worth a try. Especially if you are someone who likes strategy-based games and war concepts. It won’t disappoint you. And if you’re a newbie who’s new to the gaming world, don’t be intimidated you can still try it out. It is pretty easy to level up compared to other games of this kind.


We hope you found this article helpful. We tried our best to come up with all the relevant information that might help you understand the warpath better.

So what are you waiting for?

Now that you know about this game and its amazing feature it’s high time you download and play it by yourself. I think you’ll like this one.

Thank you for being patient and staying with us till the end.

Happy gaming!

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