Watch A Man Catch A Razor Clam With Just Salt

Most of the time, we can agree on what people think of as beach activities. Even before you go, you expect to see people swimming, building sand castles, skipping stones and maybe playing volleyball. Other sights, like someone roaming the beach with a metal detector, are a little less common. Still, we’ve heard of that, so it’s not that unusual.

But sometimes, what we think of as “normal” beach behavior depends on the region. You’re probably not going to see a lot of lobster traps on the West Coast, but they’re all over the place in some Atlantic states.

On the flip side, people out east might not expect to see people pouring salt on the beach. And they definitely wouldn’t expect to see what happens next, which you can check out in the full video.

As you watch it, you might wonder what just popped out of the sand. The West Coast is famous for its beaches, but do they really have a bunch of giant yellow worms lurking underneath them?

What you’re seeing is actually a razor clam. You can find them on beaches from California to Alaska, and there are more people looking for them than you’d think.

In Washington state alone, about 250,000 people a year flock to the beaches to flush them out. That’s because they’re considered a really tasty, meaty clam and digging them up is fun for the whole family.

Usually, people use a shovel and a special tube when they think they’ve found a clam hole, but it looks like YouTube Mark Clark has found an easier way. And if you haven’t yet, you can see how he does it in the full video.

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