Top 10 Water Sports That Is Worth A Shot

If you feel the urge to try a new adventure or a thrilling experience, then how about trying water sports that might stir up your interest?

Water sports are recreational activities that are carried out on the water. Like other kinds of sports, they serve as a good exercise for the body. Also, it will pique your enthusiasm towards magnificent islands and prepare you to be awed by many sea creatures.

White water rafting, sailing, skimboarding, and surfing are just a few of the known water exercises that you might want to try. So are you juiced up to know our top list of water sports? Check them out below!


Skimboarding Water Sports
Skimboard beginner training on the sand

Skimboarding is a water sport that uses a skimboard to glide across the surface of the water, meeting an incoming smashing wave and riding back at it onto the shore. Professional wave-riding skimboarders perform various air and surface stunts at different stages of their ride – out to the wave and back with it.

If you are a beginner in this water sport, then you probably will want to skimboard on the sand first instead of the water right away since it is easier to maneuver. Furthermore, wooden boards typically cost less than foam boards. This is practical if you are eager to start skimboarding but also intend to save money.


Regatta sailing in action
Regatta sailing in action.

Sailing is a challenging water sport, for it uses the wind to navigate and propel a watercraft on the water’s surface over a chosen course. Learning to sail can be a pleasant experience, and you can try it along the sea or vast lakes, with many islands to explore. Think about cruising or even racing along the sea waves. It is a great way to enjoy your summer battling strong sea breezes while appreciating the beautiful scenery around you.

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting
White water rafting activity with the whole family.

White water rafting can be considered a more challenging activity than sailing. This is because it is an extreme water sport and can be quite dangerous. It uses an inflatable raft to steer and navigate a river or other bodies of water, which is typically done on different intensities of rough water that adds thrill and excitement. So if you are craving for an adrenaline-pumping water experience, give white water rafting a go!

Water Polo

A school competition for Water Polo
A school competition for Water Polo.

Water Polo, formerly known as football in the water, is contemplated as the most assertive water sport, for it demands physical and mental strength. Participating in this activity is like playing soccer. However, your swimming skills are required since it is played in the swimming pool.

Powerboat Racing

A powerboat race championship held in Southampton.
A powerboat race championship was held in Southampton.

There are two types of powerboat racing, inshore and offshore racing. Inshore powerboat racing is water motorsport using a powerboat in sheltered water such as rivers, lakes, docks, and sheltered bays. Whereas offshore powerboat racing is generally a point-to-point racing of ocean-going powerboats.

If you are going to take your first steps in powerboat racing, then joining your local Royal Yachting Association (RYA) affiliated powerboat racing club is the best way to get involved. This will enable you to meet other enthusiasts at a basic level and on a likely modest budget.


A rowing team comprised of eight women.

Rowing is a water sport that can be held indoors – artificial lakes; or outdoors – such as canals, rivers, or oceans. It is an activity that was developed in the 18th century in London, categorized as one of the oldest Olympic sports. The involved athletes show the practice of discipline as they have to race against each other while propelling the boats using oar blades. Rowing is included in our list as it can be both recreational and competitive.


A professional surfer.
A professional surfer.

Surfing is another water activity that uses a board – a bigger one compared to skimboarding. This sport is entirely different from skimboarding since surfers go out into the water and wait for a wave that they will ride back to the shore.

A lot of people think that surfing is riskier because the surfer is going to be out in deeper water, waiting on bigger waves, can fall off from the board, and be pulled underneath. Although this is spot-on, it is essential to regard that a beginning surfer is only allowed to surf on smaller waves that are easier to handle, to avoid danger.

Jet Ski Racing

Head-to-head jet ski race.
Head-to-head jet ski race.

Jet ski racing is a water sport that is almost the same as powerboat racing; the difference is that the riders use a jet ski to compete. This type of water sport is mostly conducted on large lakes, and all athletes taking part are required to wear helmets, bodysuits, and other protective gear.

If you have PWC, such as a jet ski, you might as well need a dock to secure your watercraft. Check this website, and they can surely help you out.


Windsurfing at Ho'okipa Beach.
Windsurfing at Ho’okipa Beach.

Windsurfing, also known as board sailing, is a great water sport engaged in wild waters where strong winds blow. It involves riding on the water’s surface by riding a board with a sail that is propelled by the wind. The ideal time for windsurfing is when the northeastern monsoon winds are present.

Water Skiing

Competitive water skiing.
Competitive water skiing.

Water skiing is a water sport where an individual is pulled behind a boat or a cable ski installation on water, skimming the surface. It generally starts with a deep water kickoff, with the skier squatting down in the water. Once the skier is ready, the driver then accelerates the boat to pull up the skier.


And that is the end of our top ten list of water sports you might want to try. Were you able to choose and decide which activity you want to do this weekend? Give it a go and strive for new adventures!

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