Ways to Boost the Security in your Home or Business

Let’s face it, we are entering a period of real uncertainty, as the pandemic continues to surge through Australia and that means we all need to review our home and business security. It is in times of desperation when incidents occur and if you haven’t been focusing on security, here are a few things that you can do to make your property more secure.

  • Fencing & Gating – You do need a solid perimeter fence of a suitable height, or even build a wall and put broken glass on the top; electric gates are a great way to send out the right message and with the many tech add-ons, you can upgrade your security in many ways. There are no off-the-shelf solutions with automated gating, rather talk to a specialist firm who would send a technician to your home and you can discuss the many design and material options. Timber, steel, aluminum, and wrought iron can be combined to create a set of electric gates that will be a major feature of the property and the supplier would have zillions of images of previous projects, so finding the right design is never an issue.
  • Security Screens – With stylish and dependable ClearShield security doors in Doncaster, you can protect your home; bespoke solutions ensure a perfect fit and only a dedicated team of commandos could penetrate your defenses. Hi-end window and door screens are visually appealing, so your home won’t look like Fort Knox and it is a one-time fix that covers all access points. Search online for a local security screen supplier and ask them to pop around and quote for the project, while choosing a color that blends well with the surroundings. The doors are every bit as important as the windows when it comes to protection and steel security screens are impenetrable and they are designed to be in keeping with the property.
  • CCTV – Perhaps the best deterrent, video surveillance systems are no longer costly and your local locksmith is more than capable of supplying and installing hi-res cameras around your property. That would save you 15-20% of what a security company would charge, plus the local locksmith issues a warranty, which gives you peace of mind. We all need to continue to learn and if personal development is important to you, click here. The system is set to automatically delete old footage and with an Internet connection, you can remotely view your property in real time, which is great when you are on holiday.
  • Double Glazing – One of the benefits of double glazing is the added security; most burglars have had negative experiences trying to force access and wouldn’t bother attempting, especially as there are so many unprotected properties. A choice of aluminium or uPVC frames, double glazing will boost the value of the property, while also greatly improving thermal and sound insulation. This is one home improvement that pays big dividends, plus there’s no maintenance with these windows and each has a lock that can be set to self-lock on closing.
  • Motion Sensor Lighting – If you have sensors in the garden at various points, the lights come on when a person approaches and in the mind of a burglar, that means they’ve been spotted and a rapid retreat is the order of the day. Installing motion sensors is also a safety feature, as you won’t fall while walking around in the evening and for the little it costs, this is a worthwhile addition to every home. LED lighting uses less energy than traditional light bulbs and while more expensive, they last much longer. Talk to a local electrician who would be happy to install the units at key locations.
  • Keyless Access Systems – Why not go hi-tech and have a keypad installed? Every family member knows the password, which means you can say goodbye to those bulky keys once and for all. Many businesses use this system to control access and the average lock-picker wouldn’t tackle digital locking. Another job for your local locksmith who can supply and install a system for a fair price, and it’s just one more password to remember. Biometrics is another option; facial recognition technology enables automatic access, while fingerprints can also be used, as can retina scans. If you search with Google for a local locksmith, he is the person who can fit your home out with digital locking and would always be happy to demo systems.

As you can see, there are quite a few ways that you can make your home more secure, and here is some government information about home security, which you might find useful. Once you have added a few systems around your home and installed security screens on the windows and doors, you can rest assured that you won’t become a burglary statistic.

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