Ways to Cook a Delicious and Saucy Meat

Cooking meat can be very intimidating for some people, regardless of how experienced they are at cooking in general. Meat cooking is an art in itself and creating meat dishes that are juicy with complimenting sauces can be a bit challenging for some people.

However, unlike the common conception, cooking delicious meat that oozes with a yummy sauce is not that hard. There are different ways to master the skill of cooking tender meat that makes your tummy growl in anticipation, and they are not too challenging to understand and try yourself.

Grilling/ Barbecuing

Cooking meat does not have to mean standing on your feet for hours trying to perfect the right recipe for delicious saucy dishes. You can enjoy the process of cooking meat while interacting with your loved ones and still present them with the perfect saucy meat platters that you desire by using grills.

On excellent summer days when the sunshine is out and you are looking to make some delicious food for your entire family or friends, it can be a great opportunity to bring out your grill or invest in one, to barbecue some meat. If marinated thoroughly in advance and cooked well over the grill, your meat will come out juicy and delicious for you to add to your favorite dishes at a barbecue party.

Stir-Frying with Vegetables

One of the quickest and fanciest ways of cooking juicy meat is by stir-frying it with an assortment of vegetables of your choice. This can be anything from frying slices of thin meat with mixed vegetables and then adding them as a side to another element of the same dish, or simply cooking the meat with one or two types of vegetables and serving them on their own. The most common recipes for meat stir-frying are done with broccoli or with a stir-fry mix of vegetables including onions, carrots, and spinach. The vegetables would add an extra delicious taste and texture to the meat and help make it more tender and juicier when served.

Stewing Under Pressure

If you have a pressure cooker and some time to spare, you cook some incredibly juicy and tender meat with your own choice of sauce. Stewing the meat might be a great option for you as a beginner. Beef stew, in particular, is quite popular in different Asian recipes and is quite rich in taste and tenderness.

Although making a meat stew takes some time to cook, the process of preparing the meat itself is quite simple. All you would need to do is cut the meat into small cubes add all the vegetables and/or spices that you prefer and simply let them do their thing for a few hours in the pressure cooker.

Deep Frying

If you are planning to cook meat that is already tender in texture, then deep-frying it might be the best option. It is important though for the meat to be incredibly lean and cut into thin slices so that it cooks thoroughly. Once the meat is deep-fried in oil or fat after being dipped in your signature batter, your canteen adds any sauce of your choice to match the dish you will be serving.

Baking in Sauce

When you are trying to cook meat that is as juicy and saucy as possible, then baking your meat steaks or thin slices of meat with your choice of vegetables and sauce would give you just that. It would be better to get thick slices of meat if you are planning to bake them in the oven so that they could take their time cooking and releasing all the juices that you could then take and pour on top of your meat dish for a delicious addition.

Pan-Frying with Liquids

Cooking meat in a pan using small amounts of liquids differs from stir-frying in the fact that vegetables do not need to be added to the mix, but rich spices must be added to give it a delicious finish and a juicy sauce. When you pan-fry meat, you should make sure that it is marinated for a while before cooking to make the process easier. You should also try to get thin slices of meat to ensure they are cooked thoroughly and quickly. 

Cooking meat in a pan using liquids

Cooking delicious meat that is juicy and tender is not exclusive to chefs and experts alone, anyone can cook perfect meat if they make the right choices when it comes to different cuts of meat and choosing the right recipes. Make sure you choose the method of cooking your meat before buying the meat so that you can choose the right kinds of cuts.

You should also try to look for inspiration online by looking at different recipes using different cooking methods so that you can get out of your comfort zone and try new things. Do not be afraid to use your creativity and cooking skills by adding to taking out elements to experiment with recipes. 

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