Ways To Download Instagram Photos To Your Laptop or PC

Instagram is a popular app for many individuals, and you can access it for free on your Android and iOS devices. It allows you to share and upload photos and short videos through this app. You can also add captions, hashtags, and geotags to the images that you want to upload for other users to see. The uploaded photos will appear on your followers’ feeds as well as on other users if you put geotags or hashtags.

While the most common thing to do is upload pictures, some people also want to download photos from Instagram. These are the people who admire those pictures so much that they want to save it in their hard drive. While some people don’t have any clue how to do it, it is possible if you download through third-party options. So here are some of the pointers on how to download Instagram photos to your laptop or PC.


One of the many third-party sites for downloading, DownloadGram, has a minimalist website design. Easy and straightforward to use, it’s what others describe it, and you can download videos, IGTV clips, and individual photos. This site is also compatible with browsers like IOS, Linux, and even Windows. Here are the steps on how to use DownloadGram for downloading videos and photos from Instagram.

  1. Visit the Instagram Site.
  2. Search for the image that you need to download, and at the top right, click the three dots above the photo.
  3. Press Go to Post.
  4. Copy the web address or the URL of the image.
  5. In DownloadGram’s main website, there’s a box, and you put the URL there. Press download. To save the image, Select the Download Image button.


InstaLoadGram enables you to download not only Instagram videos and photos but also Stories and IGTVs. The website is simple and easy to operate, and it has export tools for data download to your Excel spreadsheet. Download photos and videos from Instagram with these steps.

  1. Open the InstaLoadGram website.
  2. Open the Instagram video or image that you need to download.
  3. Copy the web address or URL of the video or image.
  4. On InstaLoadGram’s web page, there’s a search bar, put the URL there.
  5. If you see the Get button, click it.


It is an online tool that can help users to view someone’s Instagram profile images or DP. It is said to be the only internet tool that can do something like that. The profiles on Instagram are at 150 x 150 pixels. This software enables users to download and view an HD version of that file. Users have to type that person’s name on Instagram.

InstaDp is also compatible with browser formats and all devices. Follow these steps so that you can download them from Instagram.

  1. Access your Instagram profile. Copy the person’s Instagram username that you want to view, then click Display Picture.
  2. In InstaDP’s search box, place the URL.
  3. Select Download. You are now able to pick and save the images to your PC in the folder for downloads. You can enhance the photo, re-post, and put a filter. You can also zoom out and in to view better.


Just like that, you can now easily download photos and videos from Instagram. Whenever you want to enhance or re-post something, follow these steps and make the most out of it. Now you can enjoy and save lots of photos from Instagram.

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