Ways to Ensure No One Ignores Your Digital Signage

It’s frustrating when you try your best to come up with quality ads and no one seems to care about them. Whether you publish them online or you use traditional advertising methods, you want people to at least notice whatever it is that you want them to see. If you decide to use a digital signage kiosk, you’re heading in the right direction. It’s a fantastic way to entice people to buy what you offer.

You worked hard to come up with quality signage. Despite that, people still seemed to ignore it. These are the ways to at least make people stop and read the information.

Digital Signage

Use interesting graphics

When you use interesting images, it’s hard to look away. It’s the reason why you see sexy models on billboards or sumptuous dishes on posters. You need to find a way to make people stop and see what else is in store for them. Humans are visual, and you need to attract them with quality images; otherwise, they will ignore the ads and not read the remaining information you put out.

Find the right location

Even if you have quality ads, if you don’t place them in a good location, no one will look at them. Therefore, you need a place where lots of people pass by. You also need to check if there are lots of other ads nearby. You don’t want to compete with a lot of ads since people don’t have a lot of time to decide which information to absorb. Survey various locations nearby and decide which of them would be best for your signage.

Start with a promotion

If you’re offering a promotion, you need to make sure that you highlight that detail. People want to know what’s in store for them if they decide to purchase your products. Some of them are loyal patrons of other brands, but they might decide to change if they realize that they’ll get something more from you. If there are upcoming promotions or they can do something to get a reduced price, you have to bring that information up right away.

Keep everything short

Again, you have to compete with lots of other ads out there. People are busy and they will only read a few ads while walking to work or other locations. No one will read your ad if it’s too wordy and you don’t get to the point. If you have a lot to say, you can ask people to visit your website or social media pages. They will go through more details if they seem interested in what you offer. For now, a short ad with a summary of the necessary information is good enough.

With these tips, you’re certain that everyone will stop and check the ads. If not, you have to survey the area and determine why no one wants to see them. You might have to change your strategy or improve the ads that you use.

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