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Ways to Know that You’re Dealing with a Shady Car Dealership

You need to find quality car dealers before choosing the specific vehicle you want to buy. If you encounter red flags right from the start, you have to consider other dealers. You will be in deeper trouble if you pursue the transaction. These are the red flags that will tell you that you’re at a shady car dealership, especially if you’re looking into used cars.

The dealer doesn’t allow a mechanic to check the car

You don’t have the capacity to check the performance of a used car. With new cars, it’s easy for you to check the reviews online. The specs you find might not apply anymore since the vehicle has been on the road for a while. A mechanic can check every crucial component and tell you if the vehicle is worth buying. You will also know if the price is good enough. You will be in a better position to ask for a discount when you get information from a mechanic. Therefore, a dealer who says no means that it’s a shady deal and something is being hidden from you.

You can’t test drive the car

Apart from allowing the mechanic to check the car, you also need to have a chance to take the vehicle on a test drive. It’s the only way for you to know if the car is still on par with the performance of a brand-new vehicle. If you’re familiar with the specific model, you will know if there are issues upon testing it. If the dealer says you can’t, it’s a huge red flag. There’s no reason to decline a test drive for a used car.

The dealer agrees to whatever your offer is

You can always negotiate the price of the car you want to buy. It’s common for any dealer to give potential buyers a chance to negotiate. If your requested price gets granted, you will feel good about it. However, if you keep asking for a lower price, and the dealer keeps saying yes, it’s a red flag. It could mean that the dealer is desperate to sell the vehicle given its terrible quality. Another reason is that you’re getting fooled by offering an extremely high price at first so you will feel like you’re getting a good deal. Either way, it’s shady, and you should forget such a deal.

The car has no appropriate documents

You need to ask for a car history report to check if the car was involved in an accident before. You will also know if there was any serious damage you might have to deal with. The car also needs proper registration. The lack of necessary documents is a sign that you’re buying the wrong car or you’re with the wrong dealer. It’s time to consider other choices.

You can find quality used car dealerships in Utah. They’re never shady with the deals at all.

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