7 Best Ways to Make Great Canvas Photo Prints

Some moments are precious- worth having them captured, framed, and displayed. These would speak volumes on your proudest achievements, happiest smiles, adventurous spirit, or the amazing photographer hidden inside you. If so, then why are you not thinking about a canvas photo print? Canvas is a medium that has a strong association with interior decoration. In fact, medieval masters like Leonardo da Vinci, Giotto, Botticelli, and later masters like Rembrandt, Picasso could not avoid the luring influence of the canvas.

Their masterpieces are on display in exquisite private collections, or top-class museums, across the world.

You could have the same effect in your home. Paintings on canvas would be a costly affair. You can always opt for canvas prints.

And, the process is quite simple.

The last decade has seen a great surge in the sale of canvas photo prints. The credit goes to digitalization. Its syncing with printing technology is making procedures both rapid and one-of-a-kind. In fact, after the initial surge of digitalization, people started speculating that the print form may die soon. But the inclusion only bettered the way printing is done today. In 2017, the prediction was that people will take around 1.2 trillion photos. Thanks to our dear friend, smartphones. And of that around 39 billion, they would print in the typical 4inch by 6inch format.

With the advantages of the canvas print, a notable fraction of that number would swing towards this method. So, what is giving the method the must-needed boost? The answers are

  • These types are long-lasting and durable. Canvas prints can look good on your wall for over 100 years
  • The painting-like effect it adds to the print boosts its standard
  • Large prints in wooden photo frames are heavier than canvas prints.
  • It is easy to clean and colors look good on canvas

Best Ways to Get Great Canvas Prints

Before ordering canvas prints, be sure of a few things to have the best effect.

1- Be Careful About Quality

If it is not good enough then printing the picture would be a waste of money. Pixelated pictures and noisy images do not look well on canvases. The size should be more than 250KB and the pixel count should be better than 150-33 PPI. If you know how to control these pointers then check all these parameters beforehand or else, seek the help of an expert.

2- Choose Pictures That Are Aesthetically-Pleasing

In this case, it is better to rely on an expert. Sometimes, you may find a picture worth sharing but it may not be aesthetically pleasing. In that case, mounting them on the wall would be the wrong choice.

3- Check The Place

It is always better to have the wall on your mind before you actually want to mount the canvas print up. This would give you an idea about the look, feel, and size of the frame. This should be neat with enough empty space or contrasting color to compliment the print. Lack of space could make it claustrophobic. The right one could boost the interior decor and enhance the beauty of the room.

There are several styles that you can choose for canvas prints. The most notable ones are stretched and rolled. If you are low on budget and would not mount the frame immediately, then go for the rolled ones. Stretched ones are known for their better-quality display.

Museum type of frames are known for their painting or photo on the front and not on the edge of the frame. In gallery-type wrapping, the photo would spill over to the sides as well. While decorating your rooms, choose the best option.

5- Monitor Calibration

Before editing the image, check whether your monitor is calibrated properly. This is necessary as it can greatly impact the outcome of the image. You should also think about the lighting. This is important as it would impact the finished look.

6- Framing

If you are planning on framing the canvas prints you have to be careful about choosing the frame. This is because an overtly ornate frame can disturb the outcome of the picture. Choosing a simple black photo frame would give your picture enough breathing space.

7- Glossy and Matte Finish

The finishing touch is equally important. Glossy look and shine can add a classy look but under the light, this could create glares. To avoid this fiasco, you can opt for a matte finish, which also has a rich look.


It would be better to go for a coating that would protect the canvas photo print from any type of scratches and damages from the UV light. These subtle measures would make your frames eye-grabbing and leave your guests dumbstruck, just the way you want them to be.

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