17 Ways to Stand Out As a Travel Blogger or Influencer

How does it feel to make money online while following your passion for travel? If you are a travel blogger or influencer looking to stand out as a travel blogger and make money on the internet while traveling, this article shares some practical tips for you to achieve that.

According to (Topaperwritingservices), one of the best paper writing services on the internet, the one thing that can make you successful in any industry is learning how to stand out from the crowd.

Every market has fierce competition thanks, the travel blogging, and influencer marketing is still a baby which means everyone has a share.

However, although the industry is still new, travel bloggers and influencers need to find out how to be successful in the industry. In this article, we talk about the ways travel bloggers or influencers can differentiate themselves and stand out from the crowd.

Let’s dive in.

1. Work on Your Brand

Creating a brand is no easy task, unfortunately, as a travel blogger or influencer, you must brand yourself.

A company will put all the effort into making customers choose them and not their competitors. In the same way, as a travel blogger, you need to show people reasons why they should listen to your advice or follow you and not your competitors.

Travel Blogger as a Brand

When branding yourself, most likely you will create a travel blog and social media handles. Your blog name should be something you can use for many years. Make sure to be consistent with your travel blog or social media handles when it comes to colors, fonts, themes, etc.

2. Pick a Niche

They say “riches and in the niches” and this can be true when it comes to travel blogging or influencer marketing. As a travel blogger, you need to pitch to brands and if you don’t have a niche, this can be difficult. For this reason, you must pick a niche or two related to the industry.

3. Create Content that People Want to Consume

“Everyone today is smart when it comes to creating epic content”, says Joshua Martins, a travel blogger, and a professional essay writer. For this reason, you really want to set yourself apart from other travel bloggers.

Epic content can be tutorials that teach people tricks such as travel bookings and many others. You can also use engaging captions to connect with your followers or take advantage of Instagram stories.

4. Collaborate With Others

A mistake most travel bloggers and influencers make is concentrating on growing their business and not collaborating with others. If you want your blog to rank better in search engines, you need to write for other sites through guest posting.

Guest posting is good particularly when it comes to acquiring backlinks and the more links you build the more popular your blog becomes. Just make sure your guests post on authority sites or sites with a good reputation.

Collaborate With Others Travel Blogger

5. Engage With the Readers of Your Content

No one can deny that creating valuable content is good when it comes to establishing yourself as an expert in your industry, however, creating content alone isn’t enough- you must engage with people who read it.

If you are not fond of social media, then you might not win the battle of standing out as a travel blogger or influencer because people want to be engaged through various channels, social media being one of them.

Respond to comments on your blog, Instagram page, or YouTube channel.

Travel Blogger Niche

6. Connect With Your Audience by Joining Facebook Groups

It’s so unfortunate that most travel bloggers think that Instagram is the only social media platform they can use to stand out from the competition. If you really want to differentiate yourself, you should find other less crowded platforms such as Facebook and join travel groups there.

A good example of a Facebook group to join is the Travel Blogger and Influencer Society. The good thing about joining Facebook groups is that you get to connect with like-minded people with whom you can exchange growth ideas.

7. Avoid Buying Followers

According to social media experts at MyAssignmentHelp, a company that offers instant assignment help, purchased followers are fake followers or fans. 10,000 purchased followers will not engage with your content the way 1,000 genuine followers would.

It’s simple, purchased followers aren’t engaging as genuine followers.

It’s worth noting that growing a genuine following is not a one-day endeavor and that’s what prompts many travel bloggers to go the shortcut way which in the end does not bear any fruits. Just don’t buy followers.

8. Build and Grow an Email List

Ideally, to stand out as a travel blogger you really need to do the awkward things that matter the most. For instance, many travel bloggers these days focus on growing their social media fan base. For you, you can go the other way and grow your email list. After all, emails convert more easily than social.

Another good thing about creating an email list is that it’s your asset. In case Google or social media platforms shut down, you will still own and have your email list.

Also, building an email list is a sure bet to getting genuine followers.

9. Be Human

Being a travel blogger or influencer doesn’t make you a different creature. You are always you and if you want to stand out from the crowd, you must be human.

Always say “thank you” for the opportunities you get from brand partners, tour guides, and many other people who make your effort a success. After all, saying “thank you” does not cost you a dime but it can make people want to work with you and make them remember you every time.

Be Human - Travel Bloggers

10. Invest in Your Travel Blog

Your travel blog is your business. It’s the one that talks more about what you do and how you do it. Like any other business, you should invest in your blog to make it thrive.  Put the money, effort, and energy into your business.

As you continue writing and promoting your blog, you should also research the latest trends and stay ahead of website protocol.

To be successful with any business, you must be ready to learn and educate yourself and this is no different from being a travel blogger or influencer.

11. Don’t Forget SEO

As we have already told you, to stand out as a travel blogger you need a blog and a niche. However, your niche and blog won’t help you achieve your goals if it’s not being recognized by people.

You need to attract people to your blog and that’s where SEO comes in. SEO is a secret but powerful weapon when it comes to driving sustainable traffic to your site and that’s the tool most assignment writing companies use to make their services known to the world.

12. Network with People outside the Travel

We can’t deny that connecting with other travel bloggers is great for helping you to learn new things but connecting with people outside your industry is also important. Remember that, you can be a travel blogger and still help other people outside your industry with advice.

Doing all this will help to make you appear unique and different from other travel bloggers.

13. Don’t Only Write About Yourself

Well, it’s your blog, so sometimes you are going to say “I” but that doesn’t give you the reign to write everything about yourself.  This is especially important if you are running a professional blog.

To be successful with your travel blog, you must know that it’s about your readers and not you.

14. Don’t Tire Early

Persistency is a powerful weapon for any type of business and when it comes to traveling blogging, we can’t deny this.

Look, Rome wasn’t built in a day and good things come to those who put in the effort and wait. Your blog won’t grow and get noticed overnight. Don’t expect to get good results soon after launching it. Be patient and persistent.

15. Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media is here to stay and if you want to stand out as a travel blogger and become successful, then you must take advantage of this technology.

Once you publish a blog post, let it be known to your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram followers.

16. Seek Help

It’s not a secret- you can’t do everything yourself. Try that and you won’t be successful. Always hire people to help you out in different areas for instance writing content and many other areas.

17. Don’t Hate Your Competitors

According to Jones Ronald, the author of the UKwritings review, if you want to learn how your competitors are doing their business, befriend them. That’s the secret to standing out as a travel blogger.

Befriending your competitors doesn’t show that you aren’t good at what you do but helps you connect with the right people and grow.

Befriending your competitors - Travel Blogger

What’s Your Take?

Did you find the tips shared in this article helpful? We hope the approaches we have shared here will help you stand out as a travel blogger or influencer.


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