Web Design Trends: Guide for Designers

Bypassing years many technologies are changing, and website trends are also changing with time. It takes no time for a technology to change and become popular with the technologies web design trends are also evolving and growing.

All the web designs that were famous and popular in the past have become outdated, and some won’t have an idea about that design. It is good to stay updated to explore new things and know more.

Technologies have become bright day by day, so web design trends should also become smart with the times. To compete with the market, everyone needs to become smart with the technologies and trends.

Web designs have gone through many changes in the last few years with the change in technology and creativity. Many web development companies are willing to go with the latest web design trends and develop the latest web designs.

Here given below are the latest top 10 trends of 2021 for web design:

  • Retro fonts
  • 3D visuals
  • Multimedia experience
  • Augmented reality experience
  • Audio
  • Design based on preference
  • Dark mode
  • Cartoon illustrations
  • Geometric grids
  • Custom cursors

Retro fonts

As we know many older things are coming into trend again whether it is fashion or other things. If anyone thought that older things could also be cool, not right, it could be cool if we modify them by our latest style.

Retro fonts have experienced popularity in many designs featuring vintage typography. Retro can also be now used in trends.

Typography has gone through a comeback. We don’t see those tired fonts anymore now. Rather than styling it and modifying the retro fonts using them can be incredible.

We all have heard the merging of old and new songs into one in many online music apps and making it a fantastic song again; this is the best way to use the traditional fonts and recreate them and give them a new shape by experimenting with them. We can also add some sound effects to the song to make it unique and exciting to listen to.

As this year is passing, we are seeing more creative typographic imaginations.

3D visuals

With the arrival of high-resolution screens, 3D designs have become very popular. 3D designs are used everywhere in technology, whether it is in games, movies, images on websites, and much more.

We have seen high-quality 3D designs that have braided logically into web designs. Instead of distracting, it is attracting viewers to the websites.

3D images can give you a natural look and feel of the object; this helps the buyers shop and get better about the product. Before buying specs, you can try them online with the help of a 3D view of your face; this can help you select the specs that suit you instead of exchanging them again and again. This is the best use and example of 3D visuals.

Another way of using 3D visuals is to check the color on your wall before painting it; this can also give you a real look and feel of the wall; it can help you decide the color that will suit better on your wall with the color combination.

3D visuals are used in many industries and will be used in many by the passing year. With the help of 3D visuals, customers get the perfect idea of the product, and they also can be satisfied by checking the product and seeing it through 3D visuals.

Multimedia experience

Everyone needs a higher internet speed due to this multimedia web experience has been blooming everywhere. The combination of visuals, text, video, and audio makes a rich user experience.

By using multimedia productively, it comes with a responsibility to go through a variety of factors.

Multimedia world in so many different industries. You can use it in a video that has sound, and you can control the background music. With the help of this, you can control the background music of any video.

Augmented reality experience

AR is also used in many industries and games as well. Now AR is not just catching Pokemon from your smartphones, but it is much more advanced now. However, Pokemon GO is the best example of games that were based on AR.

Many eCommerce stores are also taking advantage of AR to sell their products in a better way. AR is growing its market in every sector and every field. AR customers can look and feel the product before buying it, which can help customers shop more and more.


Why read the blogs or articles if you can listen to them? No one likes to read in recent times; they find it boring, so it is a significant step to add audio to articles and blogs.

Readers find it easy to understand the blog with the help of audio. Many featured articles and blogs have audio in them. Adding audio is also known as podcasting.

In the future, we expect to have audio on many websites and online stores that will help the buyers to shop better, and they can also find the products they want.

Designs based on preference

Web development has made great attempts at personalizing the user experience. This can be anything in design themes and much more. It can include a switch between dark/light mode and many other ways to change site appearance navigation and offer custom themes to the customers.

New designs and themes are mainly based on a user-centric view and user experience rather than an inbuilt view. There will be more updates on the needs and wants of the user, and according to that, the website themes and design will be updated.

Dark mode

Black in black dark mode will be used more in 2021. More designers provide dark themes in the website and the stores by providing the perfect dark backdrop, which feels like elements are popping out from the screen.

Every website and store comes up with an option for dark mode, which you can select if you want. In the future, it may be possible that the default mode will be the dark mode, and many more industries will have a dark mode theme.

Cartoon illustrations

There was a time when the website had images, videos, few graphics, and information. But no web design has been updated now; designers not just develop the website for the sake of developing, but they develop it in a way that looks more realistic and personalized. Cartoon illustrations on websites have gained a lot of popularity as they convert websites with a healthy dash of humanity.

Cartoon illustrations offer a lot in terms of creativity and personalize the website. We are looking forward to many creations in cartoon illustrations that a web development company can use to design their website or web app.

Geometric grids

Grids are simple but have a lot of flexibility in how they can blend into a design. Geometric grids are gaining attraction as a way they structure a layout in a clean and bold look.

As it has excellent structure and representation, geometric grids should be used by every web designer.

Custom cursors

Cursors are one of the most looked-at web design forms; many web designers still use that old arrow for the cursor. Designers can take advantage of custom cursors to make their websites look cool and exciting.

There are many new types of cursors, and customized cursors that change the look of the website, and viewers get attracted to it. In 2021 we expect more such cursors for websites.


2021 has changed many things in our lives, including technology and our day-to-day lives. Many new things happened this year. Technology has upgraded and become trendy.

Here in this blog, there are the top 10 trends for web design that will help a web development company design their web apps according to the trend.

I hope you will find this blog helpful, and that you will use these trends for designing your web app.

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