Wedding Preparations: 10 Essentials Every Groom Needs For The Big Day

When it comes to weddings, the bride has to worry about everything. From the dress to the decor to the something blue the something borrowed, it is all her department. The term bridezilla was coined for a reason.

The groom has it relatively easy, in comparison. However, that does not mean that the big day is any less important for him.

The day of the nuptials stirs a whirlpool of emotions, and it can be quite overwhelming. While the bride has done her part, the groom must make some preparations on his part as well.

The following is a list of ten wedding essentials that every groom needs for the big day to ensure that the wedding experience is uninterrupted and smooth sailing.

1. The Suit

This one is a real no-brainer; you need your suit with you; otherwise, you are not walking down the aisle (unless you are not wearing a suit, in which case, you can skip this part).

Your outfit must be ready, perfectly pressed, and laid out for you along with all the accessories, including your tie, shoes, socks, cufflinks pocket square or boutonniere, etc. Laying your outfit out with everything together prevents anything from misplacement on the big day.

Emotions and nerves are already running quite high on the day of the event. The last thing you need is to lose your mind over a missing sock or tie clip. Make sure everything is set and ready to go the night before only.

2. Mouth Freshener

You will be kissing your bride; needless to say, you want your breath to smell nice and fresh on the big day.

It is always a good idea to have a mouth freshener on you. Whether you prefer mints or gum, take some before the ceremony. If you chew gum, throw it out before you are reciting your vows.

3. Deodorant

Much like you would not step out of the house without your hair done; similarly, you cannot step out of the house without deodorant. Every man needs deodorant, regardless of whether he is getting married or not.

Your wedding day is nerve-wracking; we get it. It is also understandable if you are feeling a little sweaty and fidgety; even the best of us get nervous and relax. You do not want to sweat through your expensive wedding suit and stink. Therefore, the deodorant is necessary. Do not forget it at any cost.

4. New Underwear

Yes, underwear! You are starting a new life together; the least you could do is get new underwear. Jokes aside, underwear is essential here because weddings are long, and tuxedos can be uncomfortable. One thing that always helps maximize comfort is good underwear.

For a suit, men’s pouch underwear is ideal. Opt for a light and breathable fabric to make sure you do not get sweaty and uncomfortable.

Your underwear is a part of your outfit; do not treat it differently. Trust and believe, you will thank us for this tip.

5. The Rings

This is perhaps the most important part; there is no wedding without a ring exchange. The rings are the groom or the best man’s responsibility. However, rings are small and can get misplaced or lost easily. If your best man was still hung-over from the bachelor party last night, you are likely to get screwed over in front of everyone.

A word of advice is to hand over the rings to another responsible person or keep them with yourself. Lay your rings out like your wedding ensemble because it reduces any chances of losing them.

6. Car Keys

If you are driving from the church or ceremony area to the reception venue, you will need a car, and for that, you will need the car keys on you. Yes, you can hand them over to your best man or another friend. It is always a good idea to double-check, though. Keep them on you, if possible. If not, make sure the keys are with a responsible person who can hand them over to you as soon as you head out.

7. Wallet

A wallet is not an item you can leave without; it is wise to have cash on you at all times. This cash will especially come in handy if you are hosting a bar at your reception. You cannot rely on anyone else for this. Keep your own money in your wallet, period.

Be sure not to carry a bulky wallet that will weigh down the seams of your pants. A slim wallet that will easily slide into your pocket without being visible is the perfect pick.

8. Wedding Present

A wedding present is more than a formality. It is a small token of thanks to your partner for choosing to spend her life with you. The wedding present serves as a reminder to her for picking you to be her partner.

Remember, it is always the small gestures that melt hearts, so make it sentimental—a note, a flower, or a little something that you can carry easily works best.

Not only will it make her feel super loved and cared for, but it will also calm her down. Weddings are overwhelming. If a small token of appreciation can help take the edge off a little amidst the chaos, then we are all for it.

9. Groomsmen Gifts

Your groomsmen are the pillars who stood with you through the wedding mayhem; they deserve little tokens of appreciation too. Pick out a traditional gift or go the extra mile with personalized gifts; just be sure to pick out something thoughtful and one that will come in handy.

If you want groomsmen to gift ideas, we suggest random items like cigars, customized keychains, alcohol, lighters, etc.

10. Your Phone

We do not function without our phones. We always carry them with us; why should your wedding day be any different?

Be sure to keep your phone with you and hand it over to a groomsman or a family member in the audience to take videos and photos of you two as you share the single greatest moment of your life. Professional photos take ages to arrive. You will need some personal memorabilia to cherish; this is just the way to gather some.

Parting Thoughts

Your wedding day will be an important memory for you to reminisce about and later narrate to the generations to come. Make sure it is a perfect memory, just how you always wanted it to be.

While these seemingly insignificant details may not be a big deal to many, they ensure that your day goes smoothly without any glitches or hindrances.

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