Weight Training: Do’s & Don’ts of Proper Technique

Working out is all fun and games until it comes to strength training, as not many people are brave enough to indulge in that type of exercise. Some are afraid they’re not strong enough, while others find it completely appalling. If you’re into it, congratulations! You’re amongst strong individuals who enjoy pushing their bodies to achieve more every day.

Weight training has many benefits such as a fit body, more muscle mass, and stronger bones. However, not everyone knows how to accurately do weight training. Proper technique is essential if you want to achieve your goal faster without getting seriously injured. That’s why it’s important to know what to do and what not to do when it comes to weight training.

1. Warmup

Even a lot of regular gym goers often neglect one of the most important parts of the workout- warming up. If you jump straight to heavier sets, chances are you’re going to injure yourself badly. Before performing demanding lifts, make sure your muscles are well prepared by doing a regular warmup.

Regular warmup doesn’t need to be anything specific. A simple walk, cardio, or aerobics are recommended for anyone who wants to start working out. The warmup is essential because it raises body temperature preventing the risk of injury. Besides that, warmup increases oxygen delivery and blood flow making you also more mentally prepared for the forthcoming weight training. So, if you want to be successful at your weight training, make sure to never skip the warmup.

2. Training intensity

As becoming strong overnight sadly isn’t an option, you’ll have to dedicate a few days a week to working out. Naturally, most people who decide to get fit want to achieve their goals faster. But it’s important to remember that dedication and patience are the keys when it comes to gaining muscle mass and looking good.

Many beginners make the same mistakes when it comes to intensity. They are embarrassed to start exercising with less weight, so they load the bars with too much weight and get injured. But it’s essential to make your workouts efficient, not too intense. That’s why it’s crucial to know how to maximise your workout effectiveness. Besides that, you’re working out your muscles, not your ego. Don’t go over your capacity no matter what others may think or say.

3. Proper form

The gym newbies usually start their sessions by watching how others do their training. This can be useful if you want to see what to do with certain equipment. But keep in mind that most people attending the gym aren’t professionals and that you may injure yourself by copying their techniques.

Instead of forcing your body, which can cause serious injuries, try learning safe endurance training techniques. Ask professionals to show you how to do certain exercises, and learn how to do them correctly. While you’re lifting weights, don’t forget to move through the whole range of motions from your joints. Working hard with less weight fully develops your muscles and you will see improvement in no time. Proper form means better results and fewer chances of hurting yourself.

4. Adequate equipment

Whether you’re working out at the gym or at home, you need to use proper equipment to maximize effectiveness and minimize the risk of injury. Even though you can work out using only your body weight, if you want to achieve results faster, using adequate equipment is inevitable.

Let’s face it, not everyone likes to work out in a crowded gym where their every step is being watched over by other people who are ready to judge them. That’s why equipping your home gym is essential. Start by getting high-quality weightlifting barbells as they are ideal for lower body and upper body strength. As you get stronger, you can attach more weight to them as they are completely adaptable to your needs. You can do all kinds of exercises with them, which makes them a necessary component of every gym.

5. Relax and rest

Being motivated to work out and gain muscles is incredible. However, taking a break and resting your muscles is essential. Just like your brain needs rest after doing 12-hour shifts at the office, your muscles need to recover from intensive strength training. That’s why it’s important never to do the same group of muscles two days in a row no matter how good it feels to push yourself to the limit.

Choosing rest days from the gym is completely valid and it doesn’t stop you from reaching your goal. Develop a certain plan where, for example, on Mondays, you work on your legs, on Wednesdays on your shoulders and arms, on Thursdays on your abs and back, etc. Resting from an exercise is as important as resting from hard mental work.


Having a proper technique while doing weight training is essential if you want to prevent injuries. Do not skip any part of the routine. It will not make you advance faster but fail more often. So, don’t forget to warm up, rest, and respect your body’s boundaries if you want to achieve your goal.

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