Wellness Water Filtration Systems: which to choose?

Making any decision is hard. Picking from several wellness water filtration systems isn’t any different because 90% of these systems concur with the standards of EPA, the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

So, yes, the United States is one of the best countries to get good drinking water. Unfortunately, you’d have to pick from the goodies.

But what if you could pull an avatar and pick all the elements? Impossible, right?

Spoiler alert: no filtration system is perfect- sorry; they are only best suited to specific purposes.

Shall we then see which of the systems is perfect for your case?

Type of Wellness Water Filtration Systems explained via their Base Technologies.

You are playing with your friends in the courtyard. Suddenly, the sage came. Congratulations, you’re the new avatar.

Now, let’s guide you to pick the perfect water filtration system for your avatar journey.

Adsorption-Activated Carbon

Perhaps your first training site will be an earth nation with numerous down-to-earth, organic, and agricultural activities. Adsorption-activated carbon can help with your water filtration needs.

With this approach, you get clean and healthy water free from agricultural & organic substances, chlorine, chloroform, and magnesium. And all you’ll need is charcoal (filter media). Simple, eh?

As the word adsorption implies, impurities stick to the filter media. And the product comes out.

Ionic exchange

Now, you’re in the air nation. And you face an atmosphere brimming with radioactivity. Don’t fret! Ion exchange will help you get quality water.

This system is best to remove radioactive elements from your water. Also, it softens hard water.

Unlike adsorption, ion exchange absorbs, and substitutes. When you pass poor-quality water through the ion exchange, the system absorbs the poorness and substitutes such as top-grade, body-useful elements.

Ultraviolet rays

Welcome to the water nation. Here, a vile goddess plagued the streams with terrible bacteria. And as an avatar, the people look up to you.

In this case, the ultraviolet-rays approach is the perfect pick. It is an environment-friendly filtration system that uses different frequencies of UV rays to treat the water of bacteria and viruses.

In ultraviolet water treatment, the rays attack the DNAs of the disease-causing microbes. In the end, you’d have infection-free water.

Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Ultraviolet rays only kill microbes and leave out other mineral contaminants. Reverse Osmosis, on the other hand, did one better.

RO kills microbes as well as removes health-dangerous minerals (such as arsenic, copper, fluoride, hexagon-shaped chromium, nitrate salts, and more). So, if you want an all-encompassing filter media, look no further than RO.

Note, however, that RO processes take time. And it requires an enormous quantity of water for effectiveness.

Mechanical filtration

It is all machines in the fire nations. And as an avatar, you should have one too.

As the name implies, mechanical filtration employs machines for its filtration. It is a perfect fit to remove physical impurities.

To use this method, first, pass your water through the machine. Next, a separation sieve (such as foam, nylon, and pads) holds onto waste and releases clean water.

Now, your avatar training is complete. Which of the wellness water filtration systems is your favorite?

Note that you can use all the elements. You’re the avatar – there are no rules.

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