What Accessories You Should Buy For Your Electric Bike

Electric bikes are a unique innovation and they run on a battery to make their motor function. The battery is rechargeable and one charge helps you cover around 18-50 miles, depending on the ebike you choose. Electric bikes, also known as ebikes, have gained huge appreciation over the passage of time as they are more flexible, cost-saving, and fast. Once you gain the right grip over an ebike, it is definitely one of the smoothest bikes to drive. However, before you get on the road with your powerful and speedy ebike, there are some basic accessories that you must invest in.


Accessories to buy with an ebike

There are various accessories that have been specifically designed for e bikes. Thus before you hit the road with your chic and modern electric bike, you must have the basic accessories with you.

  • Helmet:

We all know that this accessory is mandatory. You cannot hit the road, with any type of bike, without a helmet. The law of almost all states has clearly stated that wearing a helmet is necessary and is important for security. If you haven’t purchased a helmet with your bike, then just rush away and get one for yourself, right now.

There is a huge range of helmets for e-bikes and well, it is quite easy to get confused. You are spoilt for choice. However, the most important thing to consider is the quality. Even if it is a bit costly; buy it. A high-quality helmet will fit you well and protect you in case of accidents.


  • Lights:

Ebikes do come with reflectors and stock lights. But they are not sufficient. They may be great for cycling paths but for roads, you do need more lighting to be safe. Luckily, there are separate lights for e-bikes. You can get a front LED light as it enhances the visibility ahead. It also lets people around you know that you are proceeding in their direction, at full speed. Most riders want lights that are integrated into the electric bike but adding your own, is really helpful. Furthermore, you can get rear red reflectors, headlights, mini lights, and even light mounting brackets too.


  • Lock:

Don’t worry, electric bikes come with their own locks, just like all your other motorbikes do. However, U lock is not flexible at all, although it does promise a lot of security. Its frame is quite rigid. We also have the chain lock but it is heavy. You can always invest in a folding lock which is a retractable compact lock as it is flexible and lightweight too. However, do your research before getting this accessory as it might not be as secure as a U-lock.


Get your E-Bike Insured:

The most important thing to do when you buy an ebike is to get it insured. Accessories are important too but you want to secure yourself or anyone who uses the bike first. The accessories help you reduce risks of accidents but insurance is as crucial as extra light, mirror, and helmet.


Is an electric bike worth the hype?

Yes, an ebike is worth the hype it gets. It is flexible and is a cost savior too, as it is battery-operated. You save a lot of petrol and diesel costs. You can also add a GoPro camera and mount it on your bike to add more security to it. You will always have evidence in case an accident takes place. It helps you claim for insurance too.

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