What Affects The Price Of Perth Garage Door?

Purchasing a garage door in Perth can be a costly and confusing process. With many years of experience exclusively serving the Perth market with expert garage door installation and repairs the Steel-Line Garage Doors, feel that they can provide the most accurate and helpful price guides for Perth garage doors.

What Affects The Price?

Many aspects affect the cost of the new or replaced garage door, the three main factors are:

  • Size
  • Style
  • Motors and Remotes

Along with these practical considerations, the three big factors that affect the price of your garage door are – the quality of your door, how it looks, and how secure it is.

The other things such as whether an existing door needs to be removed, whether you are located and whether you need extra remotes, and the overall quality of workmanship and after-sales services you get, can also impact the quote and are important to consider before committing to the installation.

Styles Of Garage Door

Garage doors have a wide range of colors and styles-and because they are the most important features at the front of your house, selecting the right style at the right price is important. The styles mentioned below are the most popular garage and roller doors in Perth –

  • Roller Door – this is a popular and affordable style using pre-color coated Steel that rolls up into a bundle at the top of the door.
  • Sectional Door – it is a customizable style with separate panels that lift up and over two rest parallel with the garage ceiling.
  • Timber Look Door – it is a premium sectional door that feels and looks like real Timber.
  • Custom Design – they are designed to better match the house or neighborhood, they include premium color coated Steel/zinc sheeting, Mini orb, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, perspex,  or Makrolon.

Motors and Remotes

Most homeowners opt to include a high-quality motor so that they can securely and easily get in and out. Prices are quoted considering an automatic opener, but you can save around dollar 300 by using a manual door instead. You can choose from a large selection of garage door motors to suit your requirements, find the best in the market today to ensure security and reliability for your garage door.

What Impacts The Cost?

Many factors impact the final cost of your garage door installation:

  •     Disposal And Removal Of Existing Door – This costs around $ 50 for a single and a double $ 80.
  •     Manual Door – Manual door costs around $ 300 less than the above prices.
  •     Extra Remotes – This range is from dollar $80 – $100 per unit.
  •     Quality – to use a better looking, high quality, or more secure door means you pay towards the higher end of the above ranges. To reduce the potential for a garage door repair bill in the future, we think it is worth every cent.

Getting A Quote

Now when you know what contributes to the price of your garage door, you can decide with your purchase. Check that the quote includes all the required aspects above so that you are not surprised by the additional cost afterward.

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