What Are The Benefits Of Pipe Relining?

There are several benefits attached to the method of pipe relining, rather than opting for replacing the pipe method. The benefits of pipe relining provided by The Relining company AU include, but are not limited to the following:

  •     Limited landscaping problems – Digging up trenches to repair the damaged pipe sections cause major upheavals of the landscape.

Also, a number of flora that binds the ground and takes many years to grow is destroyed. Ground covering materials require to be permanently removed. These are to be replaced after the repairs are over. The replacement process may take months or maybe years. All the above-mentioned work adds extra cost. Opting for relining implies minimum disturbance occurring at the surface. The home remains undisturbed while you get pipes that are the same as new.

  •     Safety – a disrupted ground surface has a big risk to the people residing, which is magnified if the building has several occupants. Trenches, holes, and debris make for a number of accident spots. It becomes a barrier in the movement also. Pets, kids, and the elderly become more prone to accidents. Pipe relining is the safe option, not showing any of the problems mentioned above.
  •     Cost-effectiveness and value addition –  A well-designed drainage system is definitely adding resale value to your house. Since a new system of plumbing works equally as well, will cost a lot more, this makes relining the better choice automatically. It involves much low labor costs and peripheral costs in relaying the green cover, the trenches, etc. 
  •     Durability – the insertion of the resin pipe into the old pipe reinforces the system of piping. So you end up effectively with two pipes inside one plumbing unit. The weaker points and joints of the piping system are also removed. 
  •     Faster to repair – As compared to digging trenches and putting up new pipes, relining is a much faster method. It is also able to deal with hard-to-accept areas in a much easy and fast manner. Your living area also becomes more normal much sooner. Another benefit is that in relining the installation time is a fraction of the time needed to lay the new pipes.


Factors to consider prior to Relining

 There are a few cases where the relining has certain limitations so these are to be kept in mind. The limitations are:

  •     Smaller diameters (less than 4 inches) may be a trouble, as epoxy requires some area to harden. For small pipes, this is not possible all the time.
  •     Uneven cleaning, this causes uneven linings to form. It can cause severe problems afterward. Make sure the cleaning is properly done. Debris may also create problems during relining.
  •     Broken or damaged pipe components are to be replaced in any case. Not any amount of lining will be able to make a new pipe, so be sure that the external surface of the pipe is in good condition prior to relining.
  •     Tricky bends and Joints are hard to handle when the epoxy resin is used. These are easy to handle by using new bends and joints, rather than the resin taking its shape.



In a number of cases, pipe relining is a long-term solution than replacing the pipes. It comes with warranties from 10 years up to the more common 50 years of trouble-free drainage. So it is important to research well before opting for a particular Pipe relining company.

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