What Are The Benefits Of Vegetable Oils On Baby’s Skin?

More fragile and more delicate than an adult’s skin, a baby’s skin needs to be assisted in its hydration…

In case you don’t know… 

…the hydration process does not happen automatically in babies as in adults! 

It is then mandatory to choose vegetable oil suitable for your baby’s skin. 

That’s said…

The oil must be of very good quality and natural, and must not contain any perfumes or other products. 

In general, vegetable oils contain nutritional value to soften and nourish the skin. 

Most of these oils contain vitamins E, A, B1, B6, and B12, and hydrate the dry skin of babies.

A quick introduction to the preparation of vegetable oils:

Vegetable oil is extracted from the seed or oleaginous fruit and is obtained by first cold pressing.

Then, it gets filtered and packaged in glass bottles…

Vegetable oils are found in pharmacies, drugstores, organic stores, and some in the “beauty” departments of supermarkets. 

We recommend you choose the “natural” ones, extracted from “first cold pressing”, and preferably organic.

To get the most out of these oils while using them, keep them away from light, humidity, and any source of heat. 

Test the reaction of the baby’s skin

Here is a simple way to do it. 

Put a few drops on the inside of your baby’s arm, then wait 24 hours without washing to see if there is any irritation or rash.

Do the same for each oil you are going to use on your baby’s skin. 

If you are planning to use a mixture of oils, it is highly recommended to wait until the baby is at least 2 months old

That being said, 

Let’s now introduce some of these oils that you can use to hydrate your baby’s body:

Which vegetable oils are suitable for babies?

1. Grape seed oil

It is usually found in a refined form, which makes it odorless. 

Lightweight oil! It is perfect for massage…

Grapeseed oil is usually used as part of a mixture of several oils

2. Apricot kernel oil

Light, penetrating, and gives a very pleasant smell…

Also, it is soft and does not leave residue on the skin.

3. Calendula oil

It is extracted by maceration of marigold flowers (calendula) in a neutral oil such as sunflower, extra virgin olive, or jojoba.

Anti-inflammatory and healing oil.. it is perfect for the delicate skin of the baby.

4. Jojoba oil

It is the oil whose composition is closest to the natural sebum of the skin. 

If used pure, it would risk blocking the pores.but in dilution, it has very interesting moisturizing properties for a mixture.

5. Sesame oil

Warming oil…

Also, it is better when mixed with lighter oil. 

It is perfect to be used for babies who get cold quickly.

6. Virgin sunflower oil

Toning and very light oil…

It does not block the pores of the delicate skin of the baby and is quickly absorbed. 

It has a characteristic odor, but it is not bad.. at an acceptable level.

7. Fractionated coconut oil

Fractionated coconut oil is recommended for summer because it does not heat up

It is suitable for healthy babies who often get hot quickly!

but perhaps it is better to avoid using it in the first months of the baby’s life.

8. Sweet almond oil

It’s great to massage oil, but don’t forget to check if the baby is allergic to it!

Sweet almond oil falls into the category of good oils specific to baby massage and which are appreciated by parents and professionals.

9. Cottonseed oil

Perfect for dry skin!

It is an oil exceptionally rich in Omega 6 (it contains more than 50%), an essential fatty acid essential for the skin. 

It provides deep hydration… 

1. Hazelnut, sesame, coconut, wheat germ oils

Very good oils but to be used with allergy caution!

These are rich oils to be used on their own for babies (under 3 months) unless the skin is dry.

What about mineral oils?

Mineral oils or Mineral oil are commercial products manufactured in laboratories based on petroleum derivatives. 

These oils cannot be absorbed through the baby’s skin.

..they are too oily, clog the pores, and prevent the skin from breathing.

In addition, mineral oils contain scented products that are not tolerated by babies. 

These are inedible oils that should not be ingested by your baby. 

Unlike vegetable oils, which even if your baby sticks his fingers in his mouth, is harmless to him.

Essential oils for babies?

Essential oils are not recommended for babies due to their high concentration and possible toxicity in toddlers.

Can you make a homemade massage oil?

If you want to compose your own natural baby massage oil, it is possible

But keep in mind, though, that this type of product is very sensitive, especially if you combine essential oils with it. 

Indeed, the use of essential oils in the composition of massage products for babies is common. 

However, these ingredients are not always safe and should be used with care to avoid any risk to the baby’s health.

Before embarking on making a homemade baby massage oil, it is recommended that you seek the advice of a healthcare professional. 


The main objective of these baby massage oils is to soothe the general condition by playing on the synergy of several vegetable oils. 

Some brands also combine a few drops of essential oils to optimize the relaxing effect. 

This is for example the case of the Puressentiel relaxation balm which can be used on babies from 6 months.

There is no predefined age for giving a baby massage…

However, depending on the oil used, there may be restrictions at this level, especially if the product contains essential oils. 

It is, therefore, important to check this element before choosing a baby massage oil.

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