What are the Best Cannabis Seeds to Buy?

Growing cannabis can be an interesting and rather difficult task, but sometimes, it can become a fascinating process.

Like any other plant, it requires special care and attention. To get a rich harvest, a grower should be well aware of all the intricacies of planting, taking into account the type of cannabis, soil, and lighting.

Quality of cannabis seeds

Poor-quality seeds are one of the most common reasons for poor or no germination. That’s why we recommend buying seeds from trusted, reputable suppliers. Seeds are not something you should skimp on. Check out the cannabis seeds for sale on Herbies.

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There are three most common types of cannabis on our planet:

1- Cannabis indica. Indica is characterized by wide blue-green leaves and strong knotted stems. The plant forms dense and heavy inflorescences. The plant can be perfectly cultivated at home with a modest greenhouse size.

2. Cannabis sativa. Sativa has long and thin leaves. The natural growing conditions of sativa gave it incredible resistance to high temperatures but made it very vulnerable to cold.

3. Ruderalis. Rederalis is considered industrial hemp. Plants rarely exceed a size of 70 centimeters and are not used for recreational purposes.

What cannabis seeds can you buy at the store?

Currently, it is very difficult to find seeds of the original 100% sativa or indica. Breeders have crossed indica and sativa to develop new varieties of cannabis and obtained unique hybrids. As a result of the hard work of world breeders, we now have:

· feminized cannabis varieties

· autoflowering varieties

· regular varieties

Feminized cannabis seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds produce exclusively female plants. The grower will be able to grow a real sensimilla, which is an unfertilized female bush. The most important advantage of the feminized cannabis varieties for a grower is that 100% female cannabis plants will grow from the seeds.

Most of the known feminized cannabis varieties are less susceptible to mold epidemics than their counterparts and do not attract various pests. High yields can be as well named among the advantages of this variety.

The only disadvantage of feminized seeds is the inability of a grower to obtain seeds of some particular variety, as there are no male plants capable of pollinating sensimilla.

Autoflowering cannabis varieties

The name already contains a characteristic of these seeds. The entire life cycle is rather short, depending on the selected variety. Autoflowering representatives of cannabis will not require constant care and attention, and strong immunity will help resist fungi and mold.

Pros of auto flowers:

· Possibility to harvest several crops per season because of the short life cycle of auto flowers;

· Low growth up to 100 centimeters, compactness, and invisibility;

· High immunity.

The main disadvantage of auto flowers is low yield due to the limited number of inflorescences.

Regular cannabis seeds

Regular seeds are a classic. Growers will have the opportunity to get their seeds because both male and female plants grow from regulars. Regular marijuana varieties only bloom when daylight hours get shorter. At home, a grower can trigger the beginning of flowering by adjusting the light regime.

Quality is above all!

How do you get high-quality marijuana seeds and not worry that the plants will die before the germination stage? The answer is simple: buy seeds from trusted suppliers and producers. Remember that cheap seeds can be infected, stored under unsuitable conditions, etc. Experienced growers recommend that beginners start with auto flowers or other unpretentious varieties.

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