What are The Health Benefits of Golf for Seniors

If you are reading this article, chances are you are a professional golf player, or you are someone who takes a very keen interest in Golf. You might also be a retired golf player. If you are indeed a retired golf player, this is just the article you need to read.

I am 70 years old, and I have played Golf both professionally and as a hobby, I can say confidently that you should never stop playing Golf. As a golfer, you should only stop playing Golf when you reach your grave. Do not worry as there are a ton of best golf balls for seniors that are specially custom made for retired players of Golf.

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Playing Golf For Seniors

Playing Golf has a ton of health benefits, which I am going to list below.

1. Golf Helps You Socialize With Fellow Golfers

I am sure the reason why you started playing Golf was because of the buzz around it. Let’s be honest Golf is an expensive sport and is played by people that have achieved a significant amount of success in their lives.

So if you are a retired businessman and are free of all the hustle and bustle of managing a business empire, it’s time for you to get back to playing your favorite sport. Never for once think that Golf is a one-man sport. It is the buzz and the social aspect that makes Golf all the more glamorous.

2. While playing Golf, you are under the sun

As an old man, you are in dire need of Vitamin D, and playing Golf will help you get that as while playing Golf, you will be under the sun most of the time. Not only sunlight but playing Golf means staying outside for a lot of time.

Staying outdoors for a significant amount of time is quite beneficial for seniors as it keeps their mood elevated. Old men who prefer staying indoors are prone to suffer from depression, anxiety, and self-image issues. Practice golf balls are the best if you want to practice golf under the sun

While playing golf, you also get exposed to fresh air, and it can do a whole lot of good to your digestive system as well as your blood pressure and heart rate.

3. Play Golf For A Well Functioning Heart

Most illnesses that old people face are heart diseases. Seniors often die of cardiac arrest, but you can avoid it. As mentioned in the previous point, playing Golf keeps the blood circulation stable in your heart.

As a result, you will be rid of chronic heart diseases. Even if you do not play golf, there are certain golf exercises that you can do. Golf has proved to increase life expectancy by five years.

4. Golf players inculcate healthy competition.

When you meet your old golfer friends on the playing field, you might be asked about your handicap. In no time there could be some competition between you and your fellow player.

There has been a trend of healthy competition between golf players; just make sure you don’t take it very far and keep it within the field. Whatever happens in the field stays in the field.

5. Golf helps you lose fat.

Not only Golf but playing any type of sport helps you lose fat and keeps you in shape. Even though Golf is not a very demanding game, it still requires a significant amount of concentration and energy to hit the ball off the park.

Of Course, playing Golf is not the same as playing football; you will not get that feeling of an intense workout that you get while playing football but swinging and hitting the ball with the club and walking an 18 hole course adds up for it. On a normal day, you would be moving from one place to the other.

6. You will never get seriously injured while playing Golf.

Unlike most other sports like soccer, football, cricket, or baseball, which are fatal, the chances of you dying while playing Golf are less than you being hit by thunder. So I think it’s pretty safe to assume that Golf is one of the least fatal games out there.

7. Golf impacts your mental health.

The impact that Golf has on your mental health is unbelievable. In my opinion, seniors should keep playing Golf. What it does is it actually channels your tension and anger and converts all the energy into power so that you can hit the ball the farthest. Furthermore, playing any sport releases endorphins in our brains, which is a feel-good chemical. Use noodle golf balls for better impact.

8. Golf increases concentration and memory skills.

For playing Golf, the single most important is accuracy. You have to be very accurate while hitting the ball, or else your ball will land somewhere you never expected in your life. Golf is a good game to play if you want to increase your accuracy levels.

9. It brings fellow golfers to a close

Golf is a very special sport that brings players from other teams close as this game is mainly a pastime game played by rich people, so there is less competition and more friendship.

10. Playing Golf cures Insomnia

Being a senior citizen, if you are having trouble sleeping at night, I suggest you start playing Golf right away. The amalgamation of sunlight and fresh air is good for achieving a proper REM sleep cycle at night.

Its effects on your sleep pattern, in turn, make you a better golfer.


Being a senior citizen should not stop you from having the little pleasures of life. If you are a retired golf player, keep playing Golf as a hobby.  Never think that as you have become very old, people will stop liking you.

Go ahead and make a move, socialize with your fellow golfers. Be it your caddy or your fellow player. Playing sports, especially Golf, at a very old age helps you build up self-esteem, which is very important for senior citizens.

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  1. It was really interesting to read about all the different health benefits that golf can bring to a senior. I’ve been meaning to bond more with my father now that he and I are less busy, so having an activity like this could really benefit us both. I’ll look for any golf instruction courses we can take right away so we can hang out together.

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